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Pieter Rijlaarsdam, 28 juli 2010

Welcome to Pieter Rijlaarsdam’s SAP CRM Weblog.

Pieter Rijlaarsdam – SAP CRM Consultant

My name is Pieter Rijlaarsdam, I am a senior SAP CRM consultant at Acorel, a Dutch SAP Consultancy company. Over the past years I have been working on SAP CRM projects.
This weblog is set up for the purpose of sharing my knowledge and experience with SAP CRM workers, consultants and project managers.

I will try to keep the weblog clear and understandable for multiple audiences, and will try to explain clearly what and why certain steps should be done.

I hope this weblog will help you getting the most out of you SAP CRM system.

Feel free to comment on articles if you want more information or have additional information on the topic

Pieter Rijlaarsdam

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