Welcome – Introduction, Acorel
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Welcome – Introduction

Pieter Rijlaarsdam

Welcome to Pieter Rijlaarsdam’s SAP CRM Weblog.

Welcome – Introduction, Acorel
Pieter Rijlaarsdam – SAP CRM Consultant

My name is Pieter Rijlaarsdam, I am a senior SAP CRM consultant at Acorel, a Dutch SAP Consultancy company. Over the past years I have been working on SAP CRM projects.
This weblog is set up for the purpose of sharing my knowledge and experience with SAP CRM workers, consultants and project managers.

I will try to keep the weblog clear and understandable for multiple audiences, and will try to explain clearly what and why certain steps should be done.

I hope this weblog will help you getting the most out of you SAP CRM system.

Feel free to comment on articles if you want more information or have additional information on the topic

Welcome – Introduction, Acorel

Pieter Rijlaarsdam

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  1. Hi Pieter Rijlaarsdam,

    I am Debasis Panda ,sap crm functional from IBM India.i visited your blog.it is very much useful.i am very much appreciate about your useful information which is given.
    It is my request to you that it in feature any information is required to me than please help me through mail or blog .

    Debasis panda
    Ph No:08860365654

  2. I Pieter this blog is outstanding and a valuable source of information to the beginners (like myself) of the SAP CRM world. I've already found several of your blog posts very helpful. Do you have any advice for a new person to SAP CRM. I was originally a .net (C# developer) and a SQL Server database programmer.
    I have been moved over to the SAP CRM world and am finding it quite different. Is there any good sources like books for people interested in learning the ABAP / Code within components like GET_V and GET_P methods etc. Thanks,

  3. Hi pieta I actually have that book…I bought it and gave it five stars on amazon a long time ago. But are there any other books or references I could read. I try using the sdn forums and the help is very very little. Most of the contributors English is hard to understand. I want to find a reference for understanding abap code specifically for the CRM world. For instance, one issue I am dealing with is I've added a field from btsalesset field reference date to the search component of a sales quote. I see the field now in the view structure of the comp workbench however I cannot see this field in the configuration tab to add it to the web ui. I even tried right clicking this field and selecting assign to design layer. I also posted this on the sdn forum with no luck see this http://forums.sdn.sap.com/Thread.jspa?threadid=1864033&tstart=0

  4. Jon,

    My first reaction would indeed be to check the design layer. Besides assigning it in the workbench, did you also check the design layer stuff in the customizing? When adding a field to an existing context node, you indeed need to assign it to a similar field in the design layer in customizing as well. I am not sure if there is any good documentation around about the design layer. It's a rather overdone concept if you ask me.

    About the literature you are looking for, I don't know of any books concerning the matter besides the one I mentioned. You might want to subscribe to the CRM Expert website (http://www.crmexpertonline.com/) as well. This sometimes contains helpful articles.

    Hope this helps. Maybe I should write some stuff about the design layer as one of my next topics…


  5. HI Pieter, Is it possible for you to create a blog entry on how to create multi select drop downs or multi select fields? How is this done in SAP CRM 7.0? I see the web ui allows for creation of drop down lists (with one selection). But assume I want to create a field where I can select more then one entry. How do I do this? Do I need to create some sort of assignment block? For instance, if I have a 1 to N entity where I want to allow multiple selections how would I implement this? Can you please do a blog about this in SAP CRM 7 ?

  6. Dear Jon,

    A single (simple) field will technically not be able to contain multiple values. A multiple-value dropdown listbox would not be logical.

    The closest solution to you requirement would be what SAP CRM does with Marketing Attributes.

    If your requirement is for attributes on the business partner, this would be the most logical (standard) solution. If not, tell me some more about the requirements and I might be able to help you out (I hope).

  7. Hello Pieter,
    I understand the marketing attributes and I have used that for instance for the contacts. But should I continue to use it for different subjects / topics. For instance, I know I can define more attributes but what if they are not the same subject / topic. I would ideally like to create an assignment block that works like marketing attributes. Should I just re-copy this marketing attributes view and add it to a viewset? Is that possible. What is the best way to handle multiple values for a field…I know you said to use marketing attributes and I use that but do I continue adding more marketing attributes?

  8. Pieter – Please see the above comment. I have 2 more requests, whats the best way to add comments to you. I just go to your initial post and make comments, I don't see a "Contact Me" or email on this page. Second do you have any topics on adding fields to a search screen. This was a topic i have struggled with for so long. There is a context node called BTSALESET for BT115QH_SLSQ the attribute is called PO_DATE_SOLD. It is available in the search results but the field is not available in the search criteria (at the top of the search screen). I ended up using the append structure to add this field and now I see this field in the search. However, when I do a search I get a BSP Exception error. I assume that I would have to edit / add some ABAP code to the search structure to handle the addition of this field. Here is a link to the issue http://forums.sdn.sap.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1864033&start=0&tstart=0 maybe that will clear up my issues :(.

  9. Jon, you can email me at pieter.rijlaarsdam@acorel.nl.

    I don't have anything on adding non-standard fields to a search. Depending on the search and on the required field, this can be easy or more complex, all depending on whether the field is available in the BOL search query or not. Sometimes there is a BADI available, and sometimes you need a modification to get what you need.

    If I have time, I will look in to the possibilities for you.


  10. You have a pretty detailed and helpful blog, keep up the good work.

    However, please see if it is possible for you to add a blog on how to add a new context for the rule modeler – it is an interesting and a huge topic

    Like in my case, existing contexts are not enough to help my requirement – wherein I need to use rules for Master Request – Problems (not for service requests)

    Thanks again for the wonderful solutions.

  11. @Black Stallion, I will be doing a topic on the enhancing the Rule Modeler with new attributes tomorrow. I hope it helps. If you still have questions or need more info, feel free to comment or contact me directly via the contact button in the menu on the right.


  12. Hi Pieter,

    I wanted to know how can one add a multiple select button which can be used to select multiple rows on an assignment block in web-ui. Also, where can I see this button in the component or view if it exists. Is there an option to enable or disable it?
    Thank you for your time.

    Dhruv Kashyap

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