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In complex multi-tasking call centers, it can be helpful if users are guided through the system using context based rules. In other words, it can be helpful to implement rules based on which the user is notified or navigated through the system.
You can use Intent driven interaction, also known as IDI to support users in the interaction center.
Intent driven interaction is part of the rule modeler. The Rule Modeler is a collection of rule based functionalities supporting ERMS (Email Response Management System), IDI, Case Routing, Lead & Opportunity distribution and Order Routing.
In Intent Driven Interaction, when configured correctly, the IC Manager is able to activate the following functionalities:
All of these actions are context sensitive, meaning that they can be triggered based on conditions.
For each action, you can determine which event it listens to, for which business roles it applies and what the conditions are that the situation must comply to.
So for instance, you can implement the event ‘navigate’ to the customer overview, when the event ‘BPCONFIRMED’ is raised. This directs the agent to the account overview screen when the customer is confirmed. You can also call a script if this is needed.
Other useful events are:
Some examples of Intent Driven Interactions are the following:
You can also implement your own events using the following code:
DATA: lr_event TYPE REF TO cl_crm_ic_event.
DATA: lr_event_srv TYPE REF TO if_crm_ic_event_srv.
lr_event->set_name( value = ‘[your event name’ ).
lr_event->add_param( name = ‘source‘ value = ‘B’ ).
lr_event_srv = cl_crm_ic_services=>get_event_srv_instance( ).
lr_event_srv->raise( event = lr_event ).
Before you can subscribe to this event, you also need to add it to the Repository in the IDI customizing in the IMG under:
IMG –> Customer Relationship Management –> Interaction Center WebClient –> Additional Functions –> Intent-Driven Interactions –> Define Events in Repository

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