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PDF Factsheet customizing using CRMVC_BUIL_PRT in SM34

Pieter Rijlaarsdam, 24 november 2010

The account overview page in SAP CRM (component BP_HEAD/BPHEADOverview) contains a button ‘PDF Factsheet’. This PDF Factsheet will only be shown if the proper customizing has been done in SM34, as described here:

Open transaction SM34 and enter view cluster CRMVC_BUIL_PRT.

Here you have to assign the form (smartform) name of the factsheet to the authorization (PFCG) role that is assigned to the business role.

If you do not do this you will not see the PDF Fact Sheet button.

The standard form is CRM_ACC_ACCOUNT_OVERVIEW_PRN and uses class CL_UIU_PRN_ACCOUNT to move data from the screen to the smartform.

If you make a copy of one of the standard entries, you will get the standard PDF Fact Sheet.

If not all components from the factsheet are interesting (very likely), you can delete them in customizing by deleting the assignment between the print object and the related objects in the SM34 –> CRMVC_BUIL_PRT.

Select the row you want to change and click on ‘Related Objects’.

In t
he next screen, if you delete the component, it will no longer show up in the factsheet. So for instance if the SALES AREAS are of no interest to your users, you can delete the assignement to the component SALES_AREAS here, and the factsheet will no longer contain this information.

There is a special component in the factsheet for R/3 data. If you wish to delete this from the factsheet you can do this by deleting the data from the view column in the fact sheet customizing in SM34.

Deleting items from the assigned objects in customizing will also improve the performance of the creation of the factsheet, because retrieving the information takes time. Especially some of the the R/3 info blocks can be a menace performance-wise.

If you wish to moderate the fact sheet, check next week’s the posting.

Pieter Rijlaarsdam

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