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Must-have parameters on the ITS

Pieter Rijlaarsdam
When using the ITS to launch transactions from CRM in the ERP system, there are a few parameters that I would recommend you check, to make the life of the users a little better.
You can choose to set the parameters in the webgui service in SICF (in the target system), or to add it as a parameter in the URL in CRMS_IC_CROSS_SYS in SAP CRM (after the ? or &).
To set the values in the SICF, change the webgui node
(/default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui) or create an alias for this node, and edit the GUI configuration settings in the Service Data tab.
, Must-have parameters on the ITS, Acorel

This parameter makes sure the buttons in the toolbar are not shown as buttons with text, but as icons.
Old (webgui_icon_toolbar = 0):
, Must-have parameters on the ITS, Acorel
New: (webgui_icon_toolbar = 2):
, Must-have parameters on the ITS, Acorel
If you set this to 0, this parameter forces popups to be rendered as normal screens. It will look a bit odd when you get searchhelps not a a popup anymore, but in the end in some cases it is more efficient when a popupscreen is so big that normally you would have to scroll down to get to the lower fields. This will not be the best solution in all cases, but is worth checking out.
, Must-have parameters on the ITS, Acorel~nosplash
By default, every time you call a transaction via the transaction launcher, a splash screen will be launched as shown below. This looks nice the first time, but will become annoying soon after the second. Furthermore, users will experience the system as being slower, because it appears to be doing something useless (while in reality it is of course loading). The parameter 
, Must-have parameters on the ITS, Acorel~nosplash changes the splash screen to the standard ITS hourglass.
The theme selects the skin. Here, you should choose SL (StreamLine) for the best look-and-feel.

Check note 1010519 for all the available options.

Pieter Rijlaarsdam