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Making changes in the transaction launcher customizing

Pieter Rijlaarsdam, 23 februari 2011
If you want to change the system or the BOR object to be called using the transaction launcher customizing, you will notice that this is standard not allowed by the system. These fields are greyed out by the system once the launch transaction is saved once.
If you do need to change these settings, there are two ways to go:
  1. Change the name of the class in the second screen of the wizard. This will give you the possibility to change the data. The old class will also remain in the system, but will not be used anymore as there is no customizing referring to it anymore.
  2. Check the name of the class of the launch transaction in the second page of the wizard, and just delete the class in SE80 (or SE24). If you run the wizard again, the fields will be open for input again as the class will be newly created.
If you apply the second method, you will need to trick the QAS and PRD system, because after transporting the new customizing, the class will not automatically be updated. What you need to do is simply walk through the wizard after the transport has gone in, and the class will be generated based on the new settings. Even though the system will tell you the client is not modifyable, you do not need to open QAS or PRD for customizing.
The wizard will tell you that it has been cancelled, but the class has been generated anyway.
No worries.

Pieter Rijlaarsdam

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