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Performance of the Agent Inbox: Change the Evaluation Path of AI_ORGUS

Pieter Rijlaarsdam, 02 maart 2011
In the agent inbox, when searching for items of a “my groups”, SAP CRM automatically decides to not only search for items in “your” group, but also for items for all members of the group.
When you do a sql trace, you will notice that when working with big groups (for instance a call center), this can consume quite some time.
To avoid long runtimes in the agent inbox, you can decide to adjust the evaluation path AI_ORGUS in SPRO.
IMG –> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide –> SAP NetWeaver –> Application Server –> Business Management –> Basic Settings –> Maintain Evaluation Paths.

AI_ORGUS is used to decide which partners should be considered in the search.

Find AI_ORGUS and mark all checkboxes in the skip column (on the right).
Now when searching for inbox items, the system will only retrieve inbox items which have been assigned directly to the group (i.e., the group is the responsible department in the partner schema), and not also to members of the group.

Of course, you will have to make sure that the responsible department is part of the partner procedure and is always determined correctly in your process… Otherwise, open items might not be picked up.

NOTE: SAP has decided to reuse the AI_ORGUS (while AI stands for Agent Inbox) in the Pipeline Perfomance functionality. If you adjust the evaluation path for a faster inbox, you should be aware that without any adjustments, the PPM will not work as designed anymore.

Adjust (or enhance) method CL_CRM_PPM_UM_TOOLKIT–>GET_TEAM_OF_ORGUNIT

What you want to do is to replace AI_ORGUS with for instance ZPPM_ORGUS. ZPPM_ORGUS should be a copy of the original AI_ORGUS. Or you can convince OSS of the design error (reusing AI_ORGUS in a different context), and get a note.

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