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Webclient UI enhancements: Testing with the standard coding

Pieter Rijlaarsdam, 16 maart 2011
What if you are facing issues in an enhanced component, but you are not sure if this is a problem in the standard or in the enhancement?
To make this analysis, you could of course delete the enhancement, and put it back in place once you have found the problem, but this is quite extensive, as you would have to re-insert all the coding you had done before.
An easier way is to change the entries in the view BSPWDV_EHSET_DEF.
This view contains all the redefinitions. The view can be called from the BSP Workbench (BSP_WD_CMPWB) in Environment –> Enhancement definitions.
Here, you can change whether the system looks at the redefined BSP, or at the standard. You can also choose to change whether the system looks at the redefined views or the standard view by changing the view controller.
If you change the entries here and restart the browser, you will notice the system runs the standard code. Don’t  forget to put the original settings back though.

Pieter Rijlaarsdam

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