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How to add criteria fields to a replication object

Martijn de Jong, 28 november 2012

Today’s blog explains how to add criteria fields to a replication object. You can add potential criteria fields for intelligent and simple intelligent replication objects.
For this blog the example of the replication object for BDoc type BUS_TRANSACTION_MESSAGE will be elaborated since this was the example I came across during my project. Needless to say that the below mentioned steps can be followed for all replication objects that are of type intelligent.
In my example I wanted to make sure that CRM orders that were created before a certain posting date are being excluded from the replication to ECC. For this I needed to include the criteria field POSTING_DATE to replication object BUS_TRANS_MSG.
To start adding criteria fields to your replication object, first go to transaction SMOEAC (administration console; object navigator). In my case the BDoc type BUS_TRANS_MSG was already of type simple intelligent. But with standard SAP this is not the case.  Standard this BDoc type is of type simple bulk and therefor does not support filtering. To be able to filter the business transaction data you therefor have to delete the existing replication model for business object type BUS_TRANS_MSG and recreate it with filtering allowed. For the steps to convert the business object type from Simple Bulk to Intelligent I would like to refer to OSS note 502037.
Assuming your replication object is already of type intelligent, in transaction SMOEAC, navigate to tab Potential Criteria Fields in the selected replication object and hit the assign (new) button. A list then appears of criteria fields per segment name that can be added.
Once you have added the criteria fields you would like to add to your replication object, in order to be able to use them you have to create a new publication to which you assign the enhanced replication object.
For this you can follow the wizard of creating a new publication. Make sure you have selected object type Publication and choose new. The wizard will lead you through the correct steps:
Choose the correct publication type. As mentioned before you can add potential criteria fields for intelligent and simple intelligent replication objects:
Choose the correct criteria field and operator that you would like to include in your publication and move it to the right:

Once you have completed the wizard and the publication is created, you can add this publication to a subscription. If you want an already existing subscription to make use of the new potential criteria fields, you will first have to delete the subscription and create a new subscription to which you assign the newly created publication. In the subscription you can also add the values of the added criteria.

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