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Today’s blog is about SAP CRM Client Groupware Integration.  We will start with explaining more about the basics of Groupware Integration, followed by Tips and Tricks for the installation of the Groupware Integration.

Groupware Integration Client Version: 

Since this blog is based on the experience we recently had on a project with Groupware Integration Client Version for MS Outlook, both the client version in combination with MS Outlook will be the focus of our blog. We will not discuss the server version, or the possibility to synchronize with Lotus Notes (which are both possibilities with Groupware Integration).

Client Based Groupware Integration enables you to synchronize tasks, appointments, and contacts (including their attachments) between Microsoft Outlook and SAP CRM, and vice versa so that you can access from Groupware client all the data that have been created in an SAP CRM application. 

The synchronization process can be triggered by the user from Outlook and CRM both.
, SAP CRM Client Groupware, Acorel
Office 2003 add-in version 10.29

, SAP CRM Client Groupware, Acorel

Features of Groupware Integration Client Version:
  1. Email Transfer: Transfer an email from MS Outlook to SAP CRM and create an activity of type email in SAP CRM.
  2. Possibility to synchronize with Groupware an activity (appointment or task) or a contact that you have created or changed in SAP CRM to MS Outlook.
  3. Possibility to synchronize with Groupware an activity (appointment or task) or a contact that you have created or changed in MS Outlook to SAP CRM.
  4. Possibility to add attachments that will also be transferred during synchronization with Groupware to both activities and contacts, in both directions.
  5. Possibility to set up SAP Conflict Resolution Screen to be always displayed before synchronization (or to suppress it if required and execute a default action). In this conflict screen you can decide if and how you want to process the created or changed contact or activity in CRM or MS Outlook. The following actions are available to you:
  • Overwrite in SAP CRM
  • Overwrite in Outlook
  • Add to exception list (the activity or contact will not be automatically considered anymore when synchronizing in future, but can be synchronized at a later stage. You then have to set the indicator ‘temporarily include entries from the exception list’ and start the synchronization again).
  • Skip (contact or activity will be skipped when finalizing current synchronization but will be included in the next synchronization).
, SAP CRM Client Groupware, Acorel
Note: only tasks, appointments and contacts created in MS Outlook with the category “SAP CRM” will be taken into consideration for the synchronization. This category is the trigger for synchronization with Groupware.

New features in the latest version of the Client Groupware:
  • Groupware Rollout Feature – The Groupware Rollout feature provides more flexibility to the administrator to rollout the Groupware client to the end users effectively. The administrator will generate GroupwareRollout.ini during the installation of the Groupware client and this file can be used to rollout the Groupware Client to all the end users. The GroupwareRollout.ini contains all the relevant information required for Groupware Client for the rollout process so that no manual steps by the end user are required.
  • Multiple Search parameters in Relate to SAP CRM – Multiple search parameters in Relate to SAP CRM screen provide similar search functionality as the CRM WEB UI and more flexibility in order to filter the search condition according to the user needs.By default, the search filter is using wildcard search, i.e. using “Contains” keyword. In the old version only one field was available for search.
  • BADI for customizing Relate to SAP CRM Search Results – There is a BAdI for influencing the search results in the Relate to SAP CRM Search window on top of the standard search result fields available. Customers could either implement additional filters (e.g. based on authorization or additional criteria like territory) or enrich the result by additional columns and rows. 

Restrictions of Groupware Integration Client Version:

  • It is not possible to synchronize recurring appointments with SAP CRM
  • Meeting requests can only be partially synchronized. Only the organizer of the meeting has information about who is taking part. Organizers can find this information in the appointment details in the CRM WebClient UI in the Notes group. All attendees that were invited to the Groupware appointment are listed here. Synchronization from SAP CRM to Groupware is not intended for this.

Architecture of Groupware Integration Client Version:
The Groupware Client version is installed on the local pc of the user. The client version of groupware takes care of communication with SAP CRM  and separately with MS Outlook. Based on certain parameters differences between SAP CRM and MS Outlook are analyzed locally.  These changes can be detected based on last changed date/time or with the EnableItemLevelCheck parameter several fields are checked for changes. Just to make sure only changes are detected and synchronized.

, SAP CRM Client Groupware, Acorel

When installing/setting up the SAP CRM Client Groupware pay attention to:

  • MS .Net Framework 4.0 Full Version needs to be installed (is already part of windows 8)
  • MS Visual Studio Tools for Office version 4.0 (VSTO 32/64 bits)
  • Depending on the Office installation also Primary Interop Assemblies (PIA) is required

, SAP CRM Client Groupware, Acorel

  • The ActiveX browsers settings within Internet Explorer are often turned off, but are required on for a successful installation. Also make sure to make your site a “Trusted Site within Internet Explorer browser settings: Tools -> Internet Options -> Security and in the Trusted Sites screen area and choose Sites
  • Make sure you have installed every SAP Note there is for GWI and your CRM version. The last few years there are almost on a daily base new notes/updates. Often the required version needs to be changed in SE80 for CL_CRM_XML_GW_SYNC
, SAP CRM Client Groupware, Acorel
  • For the latest Functional, Installation and Technical guides look at:
  • Known issues and Important notes: 
    • 1785030 – Client Groupware 10.30 SP01 Patch 04: Release Info.
    • 1778246 – CRM Groupware Integration Message: Profile is not available. Download the profile prior to the synchronization.
    • 1778231 – Client Groupware 10.30 Installation of update.exe throws error: Could not load psapi.dll
    • 1778182GWI installation message : The current version of software components is lower
    • 1778231 – Client Groupware 10.30 Installation of update.exe throws error: Could not load
    • 1778246CRM Groupware Integration Message: Profile is not available. Download the profile

    SAP CRM Client Groupware supports

    Microsoft Windows 32 & 64 bits versions of: XP, Vista and 7 (Officially Windows 8 is not yet supported, but it works).
    Microsoft Office versions: 2003, 2007 and 2010 (I have tried office 2013, but that didn’t work yet)

    , SAP CRM Client Groupware, Acorel
    Office 2010 add-in version 10.30

    Roel Rutten