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SAP HCP and the Internet of Things

Aart Troost, 01 juli 2015

With so many connected devices it makes sense that SAP is providing a solution to get insightful information from and to these devices so businesses can analyse the data and gain information to add value to the company.

In a series of 8 webcasts SAP shows the benefits companies already have from the use of information from connected devices. In this blog I will zoom in on the technique on how to gather information from a “Thing of the Internet” by using a recently released (beta) service on SAP HCP.

In this blog I will show you a working example of a light switch sending data to the SAP IoT Service. There are 3 main areas to cover to get to the end-to-end working example. 

Note: If you’re not interested in the technical part but still want to see the end-result, scroll down to watch the video.

Configure the SAP IoT Service on SAP HCP

To start the “Internet of Things” service on the SAP HCP follow the next steps (assuming you have a hana trial account, if not you can sign up here):
If you followed above steps you are now ready to register your own “Internet of Things” devices that can safely interact with the Message Management Service (MMS). For this blog I already added a device and set up a message type to receive messages from this device.

Find out how to add devices and message types here or have a look at the help documentation. After adding a device type, message type and a device its time to have a look at the MMS cockpit. The data services in this cockpit provide examples about how to send and receive messages from and to the devices.

Configure Domoticz

A couple of months ago a colleague (thanks for starting the fire Remco van den Wassenberg!) told me about the possibilities of using Domoticz as a home automation program. Domoticz is an open-source and friendly to use Home automation system to monitor and configure various devices such as lights, switches and sensors. For this project I installed Domoticz on my Synology server and connected an RFXCOM transceiver to communicate with the light switches. You can communicate with your Domoticz system simply by using JSON calls, this wiki will tell you how to!
Besides all the software configuration I needed an RFXCOM transceiver and a remote controlled switch.

App to control the light switch

We’re almost there, the final stage is to build an app to turn the lights on or off. To control it at my home I built an app in Xcode. This app communicates with Domoticz to get the light switches I use at my home. This app will make the JSON calls to get the information about the switches and will also send the on- or off command to Domoticz when you select one of the lights present in the list. A record is created in the message table in MMS every time a light switches on- or off belonging to the device I created earlier in SAP HCP.


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