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SAP Hybris Marketing: Context matters!

Ellery Fecunda

Let me introduce you to SAP Hybris Marketing.

SAP Hybris Marketing is a must-have if you are looking to keep up with the global shift in marketing execution. Despite the fact that mass-marketing is still considered effective for the generation of brand-awareness, maximizing the effectiveness of the marketing funnel can now be taken to the next level using state-of-the-art software like SAP Hybris Marketing.

Your customers are individuals

Bombarding customers with untargeted and general messages is not a thing of the past. We still need to advertise and create a solid brand awareness. Today, we won’t win with just that though.
It’s time to market to the ‘audience of one’. Customers are looking for individual experiences rather than mass marketing.
Providing individual experiences is all about context:

, SAP Hybris Marketing: Context matters!, Acorel

  • what is the customer’s profile? 
  • what have they purchased in the past? 
  • what are they considering purchasing now?
  • what are they likely to be interested in? 
  • what’s the most likely offer that will make them place an order?

Every customer is unique and should be approached individually at all stages of the customer journey.

, SAP Hybris Marketing: Context matters!, Acorel

How do marketers meet these customer expectations?

Just imagine if you could leverage complete information of a customer’s past interactions, combined with current customer actions to predict future behaviors and use this to create the best-fit marketing activity for this individual?

That’s just what SAP’s Hybris Marketing solution offers. The solution enables marketers to gain a full view of each individual customer, including ‘in-the-moment’ customer intent, to deliver relevant experiences at each stage in the customer journey. With this level of insight, you could address the right customer need at the right time and fundamentally change the way you do marketing.

One Marketing platform for all your customers.

What if…

…you could have your marketing system generate the best-fit offers and recommendations at real time specifically tailored to the individual customer, based on his past and current interactions, combined with for instance buying patterns from ‘similar’ customers, and present this at real time in your webshop?

…you could combine this with event-driven marketing techniques?

…this mechanism increases your cross- and upsell figures?

…you can analyze target groups and offers through sentiment analysis of social media in real-time?

…you could convince your customers to buy items from the shopping cart they originally left at the counter?


The SAP Hybris Marketing Suite supports your marketing strategy by providing the right message at each stage of each individual customer journey.

SAP Hybris Marketing offers an omni-channel marketing platform that is robust, easy to use and based on the latest industry standards.

SAP Hybris Marketing suite is basically divided in the following functional pillars:

  • Marketing Data Management 
  • Marketing Insight
  • Marketing Planning 
  • Marketing Predictive Segmentation 
  • Marketing Campaign Management 
  • Marketing Recommendation

    This set of functionalities allow you to transform the big data jungle of customer data into usable, accessible and manageable customer information. Integrate this into your customer service, your webshop, your Point-of-Sales, your Loyalty program and your advertising system, and you can serve your customers from a single core over all channels.

    Why SAP Hybris Marketing? 

    The SAP Hybris Marketing suite enables organizations to use real-time insight into customer intent to deliver contextually engaging experiences. It supports your digital marketing strategy and provides standard solutions for both B2C and B2B.

    SAP Hybris Marketing uses ‘real-time recommendations and predictive analytics’ to enable omni-channel campaign management.

    SAP Hybris Marketing integrates with both SAP and non-SAP systems. For SAP systems, a standard out-of-the-box integration is available.

    SAP Hybris Marketing has a modern open structure, making it easy to fit into an existing system landscape.

    Gartner determined SAP Hybris Marketing a challenger in the Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management.

    , SAP Hybris Marketing: Context matters!, Acorel

    To successfully engage with today’s customers you need more than just the view of a customer’s past interaction information. You need ‘in-the-moment’ customer insights to understand their motivations and plans. The SAP Hybris Marketing suite allows marketers to blend both explicit and implicit customer behavior to determine each customer’s actual intent. With these real-time insights, marketers can target proactively and deliver individualized experiences that will help increase conversions and profits for your business.

    Get Started?

    There are various deployment scenario’s – in the Cloud or On-premise – to integrate SAP Hybris Marketing in your current Landscape. If you need advice or assistance with the implementation SAP Hybris Marketing, Acorel is pleased to be your sparring or implementation partner.

    Contextual individual marketing is critical to deliver one-to-one marketing experiences. With SAP Hybris Marketing you are able to provide an optimal and personalized buying experience for your customers.

    Ellery Fecunda