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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – Deep link URL Navigation

Daan Schattenberg, 31 augustus 2016

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) allows you to create workflows that can trigger a field update, send a notification, perform an action, send a text messaging or send an email. In this blog I will explain how to create an email with a deep link URL.
Sending an email could be useful to inform SAP C4C users when, for example, a new opportunity or task is created. To help the SAP C4C user to navigate from the email to the related opportunity or task in C4C, it is possible to add link directly to the related object.

Let’s see how this can be done.
First go to the Workflow Rules in the Application and User Management work center of SAP C4C.

Step 1: Create a new workflow.

Create a new workflow for the business object you required and define the timing (create on save, every update or scheduled). In my example I use the object Opportunity and the workflow should be triggered on Create only.

Step 2: Define your conditions.

When the conditions are fulfilled the workflow will be triggered. For example trigger an email when the opportunity is in a specific sales phase. In my case I didn’t choose any conditions, so an email will always be triggered.

Step 3: Define your action and placeholders.

Here you can define an email action and choose your placeholders. Use hashtag and capital letters for the placeholders, for example #ACCOUNT#.


Step 4: Define your template for the email with the deep link URL.

To create a template, open MS Word, type your text, add the right placeholder and save the document as HTML. Upload the document to the workflow.

Adding the deep link URL

To add a deep link URL to the template use the following URL:[ObjectType]&nav_mode=TI&param.Key=#techid#

There are different kind of object types [Objecttype] you can use in the URL, for example opportunity [COD_OPPORTUNITY_THINGTYPE] or task [COD_TASK]. The #techid# will be the placeholder for the Technical ID of the object Opportunity.

Object Type

Technical Name















Partner Contact







Step 5: Define Recipient Determination.

Determine who should receive the email. Here you have different kinds of determinations who should receive the email. For example Owner of Opportunity or Responsible for Account. Also you can default employees as Recipient. In this example I have chosen the Owner of Opportunity who should receive the email.

Step 6: Save and activate the Workflow.

Now the workflow is active, an email will be send to the owner of the opportunity when this is created. In this email the user can click on the URL in the email and the user will be navigated to the opportunity in SAP C4C.

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