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PowerUp Hybris Commerce with Cloud for Customer

Gert-Jan Stolmeijer

Your company has an excellent SAP Hybris Commerce solution to serve customers on the internet.

The sales and service department also like to make use of this channel to serve customers. The solution is to combine the power of SAP Hybris Commerce with the capabilities of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. SAP delivers a ready-to-use integration between these solutions, combining the best of both.

Business Benefits

Connecting the three SAP systems (SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris C4C and SAP ERP), you can share the customer and product master data between the systems. This results in following business benefits:

Supported Scenario’s 

Standard integration supports following scenario’s:

(B2B & B2C) Customer calls Support Center to create Sales Order

(B2B & B2C) Customer needs help in SAP Hybris Storefront

(B2B & B2C) Agent completes open cart on Storefront

(B2B) Interactive Selling

Gert-Jan Stolmeijer

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