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Guus Dorenbos, 16 november 2016

In our projects we sometimes stumble upon little features (often undocumented) that have immediate value for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer end users. In this blog I would like to share one of these features.

Explanation texts

A few releases ago SAP introduced the use of explanatory texts. These texts can be created and used to give a short explanation within screens regarding the specific functionality. Users who are unsure about the actions they need do to in a specific process are assisted by these explanation texts.

To create an explanation text follow these simple steps:

  1. Log on as administrator to C4C in the HTML5 client
  2. Go to Adapt–>Edit Master Layout
  3. Select a tab (facet)
  4. Click on the + icon (3rd from the right.)

Now enter your text using the rich text editor to format the text.

Click on Apply and go to End Layout changes
Go back to the tab for which you created the explanation text. The result looks something like this.

And in the Responsive UI it looks slightly different.

So far this is all very straightforward and available for some time. Now wouldn’t it be nice to use a picture? After all, a picture says more then a thousand words as they say.

It is possible to use an image as an “explanatory text” but there is a little trick involved.
Use Internet Explorer 11. (In Google Chrome my little trick just doesn’t work)
Follow the 4 steps explained above.
Now instead of entering text, just copy an image in the text box like this.

Click on Apply en go to End Layout changes.
Now if you go back to the tab for which you have added the image you see nothing but an empty space…! Do not despair yet!
Log on to the Responsive UI client and go to the specific tab.

Miraculously the image is now available as an “explanatory text”. Also on smartphone and tablet by the way.

Instead of using a lot of text you can use these kind of images to illustrate a specific process. This is very helpful for the end users in case they need to follow a specific process i.e. an approval or a service ticket process.

User setting

Once accustomed to the explanatory text, the user can make a setting so these texts are not displayed anymore.
In the HTML5 client, click on Personalize. On the Onscreen help tab deselect the Display Additional Onscreen Explanatory Texts checkbox.

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