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With only a month left of 2017, now is a good time to look back at what major improvements have been delivered by the SAP Customer Engagement Connection / Influence program.

For those not familiar with this initiative; SAP has opened a connection to reach out to their customers to enable them to send requests for future developments. In short, should you have a good idea for improving SAP software, the Customer Connection is the way to go.

The CRM 2017 campaign has received 225 requests until December 2016. Of these requests, 58 developments have been delivered so far. Here you find the 5 most interesting developments of the past year:

Advanced search: allow dynamic definitions for date fields

Up until the delivery of this note, it was only possible to add fixed date selection criteria in the advanced search criteria. So, suppose you want to have a opportunity search filtered by a certain end period. You have to fill in fixed dates (eg between 01.11.2017 and 08.11.2017). This means that if you perform the same query after a week, you have to change these dates according to the current date (eg. 08.11.2017 and 15.11.2017). With this note you can also fill in ‘Next 7 days’, so your query will be dynamic.

Hover over to preview a result list entry

This consulting note makes it possible to show an object directly from a search result entry by hovering over it. This saves a lot of time, since you can determine what the right result is without having to open it. The good news about this note, is that is gives a hands on document on how to enable the feature. However, for every single cellerator you use, this feature needs to be built and therefore still requires a lot of custom programming. This functionality is already implemented for Recent Items by standard (see note 2314755 for details).



Variable size of the navigation bar

By implementing this note, it is possible to resize the navigation bar. This might be useful since the navigation bar can take a lot of working space. It is only available as of WEBCUIF 748, so if your system is not up-to-date don’t bother trying to implement this note.Google Chrome Support for Interaction Center
Wow! At last, in 2017 it became possible to use the Chrome browser for accessing the Interaction Center. Better late than never, Chrome is supported!

Distribute WebClient UI Framework Personalization settings to several users


Before delivering this functionality, it was only possible to copy personalization settings from one user to another. By extending the program BSP_DLC_COPY_PERSONALIZATION, SAP provided a way to make sure that complete groups of users can be affected by personalization changes.

The full list of developments is listed here:

Should you have great ideas for improving SAP CRM, you still have only day to submit your ideas for 2018. Of course, voting for the best idea is also a democratic way to get what you want:


, SAP Customer Engagement Connection – CRM 2017, Acorel

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