, The power of the SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce Suite, Acorel
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, The power of the SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce Suite, Acorel

The power of the SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce Suite

Gert-Jan Stolmeijer

The SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce (SAP CEC) suite is a collection of cloud-based applications that provide tools for Marketing, Sales, Service Commerce. Together, these applications are designed to work together to centralize information, automate tasks and workflows and combine customer account data to provide a unified view of the customer. This blog explains two scenario’s which will demonstrate the power of combining all applications together..

While in the past companies were looking for a solution to support there CRM process or their commerce process. over the past years, it has become more important to have an omni-channel solution. Omni-channel develops a holistic view of the customer experience, regardless of the channel.

Example 1: Customer is registering on the web and receives an email or phone call

A customer is registering on the web. After registration the customer receives a welcome email including some additional information about products and discounts for new customer’s. When the email is not openend after two days, a phone call will be scheduled for customer service to contact the customer.

The registration is supported using a landingpage in SAP Hybris Marketing. The landingpage is deployed into SAP Hybris Commerce, making sure all data is saved in hybris marketing. A recurrent marketing campaign is built to support the automation of sending emails to new customer’s. After two days the marketing campaign will trigger a phone call in SAP Cloud for Customer if the email has not been opened.

Example 2: Identify all customers needing attention

Story line
Customers who have not ordered for a while and with no active contact with sales, but still visiting the webshop should be identified. This group of customers should be actively contacted using their preferred channel.

When implementing the full Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce suite it is possible to share all data and make complex segmentations. For this scenario we need to make following selections:

  • Check if any order (from SAP ECC) has been created in the past x months
  • Check if any open lead or opportunity (from SAP Cloud for Customer) is available 
  • Check if the customer has recently visited the webshop (from SAP Hybris Commerce)
  • Check the preferred communication channel (determined by SAP Hybris Marketing) for the customer


These two examples demonstrate how easy and powerful it is to support integrated scenario’s using the SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce Suite. By combing these solutions it is possible to provide a holistic view of the customers independent on which channels they interact.
, The power of the SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce Suite, Acorel

Gert-Jan Stolmeijer