, SAP Activate – Discover Phase: from theory to practice, Acorel
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, SAP Activate – Discover Phase: from theory to practice, Acorel

SAP Activate – Discover Phase: from theory to practice

Wendy Stapper

In an earlier Acorel blog Discover – Adoption: Transform your organisation successfully my colleague Mischa Tissen wrote about the importance of Adoption during all project phases. In this blog I will describe the activities related to Strategy to perform as part of Adoption during the first phase, the Discover phase, of the project.

SAP Activate is the SAP delivery methodology that supports project teams in the delivery of implementation, upgrade or migration projects and other customer engagements. It is an agile framework and is structured into project phases and work streams that contain tasks and deliverables. SAP Activate consists of 6 phases: Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy and Run.

Most of us are familiar with the last 5 phases from earlier SAP delivery methodologies, like SAP ASAP and SAP Launch.
The Discover phase has been newly introduced.
According to the SAP documentation the purpose of the Discover phase is to discover the solution capabilities, understand the business value and benefits of the solution to customer’s business, determine the adoption strategy and roadmap in alignment with understanding the solution capabilities and product roadmap.
But the Discover phase is also an important phase in projects that have other objectives than implementing a new IT solution. Acorel advises to add the Discover phase to any transformation project and execute the tasks and finish the deliverables from the Discovery phase before the Prepare phase starts.

In many previous project implementations we have experienced that there are difficult moments. Moments where opinions of project team members or stakeholders strongly differ so decision making becomes difficult, where objectives are unclear or do not match, and where it is not defined when the project is a success and how to measure the success of the project. In many of these situations it would help the project team to step out of the situation and revert back to deliverables of the Discover phase. Why?

Because in the Discovery phase we invite project team members and stakeholders from all departments involved to work together and:

Acorel can facilitate the activities listed above together with the other activities for the Discover phase as define the User needs and define the Organizational fit, during the Acorel Discovery Days.

We facilitate the Discover activities in interactive sessions by making use of SAP Scenes. SAP Scenes is a new method and tool to create storyboards to communicate user requirements and to validate ideas before they are fully designed or implemented.

In follow-up blogs we will provide you with the details of the User needs activities and SAP Scenes as well as the Organizational fit activities to be performed as part of Adoption during the Discover phase.

During the Acorel Discovery Days we facilitate the activities and guide your organisation to build the deliverables that are input for the next phase: Prepare. The exact duration of the Acorel Discovery Days depends on the scope of the project and the size of the (project) organization.
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, SAP Activate – Discover Phase: from theory to practice, Acorel

Wendy Stapper