, What’s in store for S/4 HANA Customer Management 2.0, Acorel
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, What’s in store for S/4 HANA Customer Management 2.0, Acorel

What’s in store for S/4 HANA Customer Management 2.0

Norbert Hendriksen

S/4 HANA Customer Management 2.0 has just recently been released so let’s have a look what the new release has in store.

Before we go into the details of the scope, please be aware of the fact that SAP S/4 HANA Customer Management 2.0 runs on the 1809 version of SAP S/4HANA core.

In general
The first release of SAP S/4HANA Customer Management had a strong emphasis on service processes and functionality but sales has been given focus in this one. Now, having said that and looking at the roadmap, that’ll be the only time sales functionality is part of a new release for a long while whereas services functionality and the presentation layer will continuously be improved with new releases.

This is in line with the SAP product portfolio where different SAP Hybris Cloud solutions are better suited for all types of sales activities.
The sales functionality, which is part of this release, should be considered as functionality for inside sales.

Details of version 2.0
Now, let’s have a look what version 2.0 of S/4HANA Customer Management has to offer.

As mentioned above, a number of (pre-)sales functionalities is available in version 2.0.  Everything from leads, opportunities and activity management is in, supporting you in every way possible to commit to a successful sales effort.

Sales quotations and sales orders are also available to successfully complete a sales cycle. On top of that availability to change price details in transactions is also in scope of this release.

For service there are two improvements which are Advanced Variant Configuration, for configuring products in service orders, and Solution Quotations for creating quotations for different types of service products.

There are also a significant number of enhancements for the utility industry varying from Enhanced Identification Split Screen to Managing Meter Readings and Premise Overview.

What else to expect
SAP has indicated that future releases will continue to have improved and new service functionality and improvements in the application and presentation layer, as mentioned before.
Interestingly, SAP’s roadmap also shows that from version 1909, the Customer Management component will no longer be and addon but will be fully integrated in the S/4HANA core.

To sum it up
So to sum it up, you can expect a lot of sales functionalities in this release but in the end the Customer Management core is mostly about service.
And remember, there are some great blogs available on this page to help you setting up a your own trial environment and bringing  you up-to-date regarding the previous release of SAP S/4HANA Customer Management.

, What’s in store for S/4 HANA Customer Management 2.0, Acorel

Norbert Hendriksen