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Easy document management in SAP

Simon van der Worp
Easy document management in SAP, AcorelAre you struggling to update your output documents in SAP Sales & Service Cloud (C4C)?
Working with Adobe Lifecycle Designer can be complex and cumbersome.
To make life easy, we at Acorel (actually colleague Wilco Menge) created the Acorel Document Service, an add-on on SAP.  This key-user tool allows you to easily create, change or update any kind of output across (SAP) systems.


Based on research within our client base and our experience during implementations we know every customer uses output documents. Examples of documents are; account factsheets, quote and order documents, letters, emails, surveys and visit reports. These documents are then usually printed, digitally used and saved as attachments to the different object in SAP systems

The research showed that more than 70% of our customers has issues with generating the above-mentioned documents. The most mentioned complaints are:

·         Too complex

·         Difficult to get the right information on the output

·         Very static

·         Not maintainable for a key-user


To solve the above issues, we created a solution for this as an add-on SAP. With this Add-on a key-user can create and adjust templates of output documents in Microsoft Word. These templates can be used to generate output documents with data from SAP or other systems in your landscape. Documents can be created in any kind of format like Microsoft Word, PDF or Excel. When you choose for a Microsoft Word document, the end-user can adjust the generated output and customize it with client specific text. The document is saved to your SAP system after saving by the end-user. Usually to the business document that is processed.

Use Cases

To give an idea of how this works, I will give some business examples of live customer implementations of this Add-on service.

One of our customers has a complex opportunity process to manage tenders in SAP Sales Cloud. A tender can take several months and during that period a lot of data is collected to make the best offer to their customer. In specific phases within the process this data needs to be printed on a document, so it can be approved and shared among different stakeholders. For this the key-user created different Word-templates with data from the tender. Each end-user can now choose, via an action (button) within the opportunity-object, the relevant template and generate and change the document by adding client specific text. After saving the document is saved to the tender within SAP Sales Could.

Another customer uses the Add-on to provide their clients with their own format of a visit report. When a sales rep has visited a customer and answered all the questions from the matrix survey he needs to provide his customer with the details and agreement made during the visit. When completing the visit, the sales reps generates the visit report (PDF) and sends it to the customer.  

The complexity (or better restriction) here was displaying the output of a matrix-survey on the visit report within SAP Sales Cloud. Standard visit report can’t handle the matrix output of a survey. Using the Acorel document service, the customer was able to create the proper visit report template.

Both customers from above examples use the add-on on their SAP Sales Cloud system but this the Add-on can also be used on the other SAP or non-SAP systems.

Customer Feedback

Easy document management in SAP, AcorelAccording to customers, the advantages are:

  • Easy and fast creation of templates in Microsoft Word
  • Everybody (with some Microsoft Word knowledge) can make changes
  • Flexibility for end-users to add client specific text on the fly
  • Lower costs due to no involvement of external consultants
  • Improved customer experience because of client-customized output.

In another blog, some weeks from now, my colleague Wilco will dive into the technical aspects of the Acorel Document Service.

Simon van der Worp