, The Future of Service Management of SAP and CoreSystems, Acorel
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, The Future of Service Management of SAP and CoreSystems, Acorel

The Future of Service Management of SAP and CoreSystems

Mark Peeters

SAP has recently taken over the Service Solution of Core Systems. To get more information on the new tool, I have followed the Certification Workshop together with 2 Acorel colleagues. This blog will give an overview of the functionality of this tool and provide insight in its place in the SAP Environment. This blog will provide you with an insight in the SAP Field Service Management Road Map.


End Solution

The goal of SAP is to come to a fully integrated service solution consisting of multiple system components. Mainly there is a split between:
  • Backend processes, supported by S4/HANA CM
  • Frontend processes, supported by Cloud for Service ( C4C )
  • Mobile or Field processes, supported by Field Service Management ( CoreSystems )

SAP will focus all backend processes in the new Customer Management solution in S4/Hana. This will eventually mean that some functionality from C4C will move to S4/HANA. Eg. creation of contracts, warranty data etc. All front end processes and Customer touch points will be handled in C4C, while the service execution will be handled in FSM of Coresystems.

How to get there?

SAP is providing two paths to reach the future solution.
  1. Customers running ECC at the moment.
    • Field Service Management by Core systems can be connected to ECC CS via a configurable connector
    • Service Orders will be created in ECC CS
    • Service Order execution will be done in FSM
  2. Customers running C4C at the moment.
    • From 1902 a new connector will be available to connect the FSM tool of CoreSystems to Cloud for Customer
    • Cloud for Service will be used for registering Tickets. Only in case of field service the the ticket can be released to the FSM tool.
    • In order to unify the UI experience the FSM tool is being adapted to the FIORI 3 look and feel.


Intermediate Solution with ECC

As the Customer Management part of S4/HANA is not yet fully available and a lot of customers are still using Customer Service in ECC, SAP has an intermediate solution using CS. In this scenario C4C is not used, CS is directly linked to Field Service Manager of CoreSystems via a configurable adapter.


Intermediate Solution with C4C

As mentioned this solution is not yet available. The key take aways from the certification work shop are that it will be ready by the 1902 ( or 1905) release. The ticket solution of C4C will remain the central component of the Service solution. In case of a field service scenario the ticket with all its items can be released to the FSM tool.

Interested in the full functionality of the FSM modules of CoreSystems keep track of our blog as my Colleague Marius van Ravenstein will write a blog with full details end of this month. You can always get in contact with Acorel, as we now have three certified CorseSystem Consultants. 😉

, The Future of Service Management of SAP and CoreSystems, Acorel

Mark Peeters