, The Fiori Dashboard Designer in SAP Cloud for Sales and Service, Acorel
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, The Fiori Dashboard Designer in SAP Cloud for Sales and Service, Acorel

The Fiori Dashboard Designer in SAP Cloud for Sales and Service

Mark Peeters

One of the cool new features of the 1811 release of SAP Cloud for Sales and Cloud for Service is the Dashboard Designer in Fiori and the use of global filters. In this blog I will show you how to switch to the new dashboard builder and how to use the Global Filters in it.


Business Configuration

In order to switch to the Fiori Dashboard Editor, you need change the fine tuning activity: Administrator Analytics – Settings. This can be done in the Business Configuration Work Center.
You need to check the following field:

The system will show you a warning message that, once activated, dashboards can no longer be build in HTML5. As the Fiori editor provides more functionality, this should not be an issue.


Dashboards are no longer maintained via the Analytics Work Center but via the Business Analytics Work Center. And strangely enough, you start in HTML5. This would indicate a change from a business user to an admin user. This is also what we see with most customers: the creation of dashboards is not something that business users do as you need some technical knowledge of the reporting capabilities of the system. (Make sure your admin role has the Design Dashboards View assigned, its technical ID is ANA_DESIGN_ADB )
Now, the system opens a new tab with the Fiori Dashboard Designer.
After naming the dashboard and choosing if you want it visible for everyone or access restriction via business roles, you can start adding reports to your dashboard. This works very intuitively as you select the report view, the selection and the placement in one screen.
TIP: add dashboards to your report view for easy finding during dashboard creation.
One of the really cool new features is the global filter. With this option you can change the selection of multiple reports within the dashboard at once. For instance, you can filter the entire dashboard per sales organisation, per employee, or maybe filter by year. Adding a global filter is done in the attribute section of the dashboard builder. Once this section is open, you can drag and drop attributes to the global filter. You have four global filters per dashboard.
Using the global filter in runtime, just use the search help of the field and the system does the rest.

More information

With this blog I intended to provide an overview of the possibilities of the Fiori Dashboard Designer . If you would like to get more support on building amazing dashboards and see what it can do for your business, just get in touch with us via our website (www.acorel.nl) or send me an email on mark.peeters@acorel.nl


, The Fiori Dashboard Designer in SAP Cloud for Sales and Service, Acorel

Mark Peeters