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A very cool and time-saving SAP Sales Cloud add-on few people know about

Joost Goudriaan

We all know that the data quality and data completeness in CRM solutions is crucial (and if you did not know that, you know it now 😉) There is an old, but still relevant, saying ‘Garbage in is garbage out’ so at Acorel we are always interested when something can help reduce or eliminate the “Garbage in – part”

One of those things is the Conversational UI, where Acorel founder Robbert van der Ploeg blogged about last year. I wanted to share another cool thing, and that cool thing or add-on uses your smartphone camera to improve the data quality and completeness of your SAP Sales Cloud solution!


This add-on goes by the name of maiCatch and is developed by our good friends at maihiro. maiCatch makes it super easy to enter Leads, Contacts or Accounts in your SAP Sales Cloud solution, just by using the camera on your smartphone.

It catches (hence the name maiCatch) business cards, e-mail signatures, event badges and even QR codes. So, no more typing things over after an event or business meeting, just scan the received business cards with your phone and the data is entered in SAP Sales Cloud automatically. It can even perform a duplicate check.

Check this video on YouTube to see maiCatch in action (from 1:30 to 2:45)


Abbyy vs maiCatch

If you are really into C4C and know all functionalities you would probably say “but you could already scan business cards into SAP Sales Cloud with a subscription at Abbyy And I would totally agree with you, so I created a little comparison table to show the differences between the two solutions:

In short: maiCatch can create more things in SAP Sales Cloud and add more data to SAP Sales Cloud, oh and you do need a separate app to use it.


Interested in more?

Acorel is a re-seller and implementation partner of maiCatch so if you are interested in a demo or just want to know more, please send your business card to me so I can Catch it 😉

Joost Goudriaan