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Are you fit for the digital transformation?

Digital transformation is becoming more important when it comes to changing business processes. Many companies have already done so or are considering to make that move.
Everything has to do with efficiency and effectiveness. But one should remember that customer experience is key in maintaining a relationship between you and your customer. Just digitizing your company processes is not enough. Next to this, there are other areas in your organisation that are influencing the success of a digital change of processes.
How are you making sure that your company is ready for this digital transformation?
Are you also looking at the people and their skills or at the goals that you want to achieve and how you can measure it? When is it successful and are your management levels all aware of this change?

Pre-requisites, Discover – Adoption: Are you fit for the digital transformation?, Acorel

A good way of making sure that the prerequisites and expectations are clear is starting with a digital maturity scan, the organisation fit. You want to make a snapshot of your current organisation. This is one of the scans that we are doing as part of our Discover – Adoption phase. Next to finding out why you are doing this (Strategy) and sessions to generate new ideas that are representing the needs of your customers and your employees (User needs). In earlier blogs this is already introduced.

The model

Before any software implementation project is started, we would like to set the basics right. We would like to make sure you are ready for a digital change.
The digital transformation scan is based on 6 domains (Acorel Digital CX Maturity Scan is based on: Altimeter, Brian Solis & Jaimy Szymanski):
1. Governance & leadership
2. People & operations
3. Customer experience
4. Data & analytics
5. Technology integration
6. Digital literacy

, Discover – Adoption: Are you fit for the digital transformation?, Acorel
Every domain has its own matureness that you want to determine. This starts from a very basic use/presence (business as usual) to a very advanced use/presence (innovative and adaptive):

, Discover – Adoption: Are you fit for the digital transformation?, Acorel

We are going to determine at what level you are operating by asking the right questions to different stakeholders in your company. This gives a clear picture that can be further discussed to create the correct actions in order to take away any possible hurdles.
This snapshot per stakeholder is plotted in a 2-dimensional overview in which you can see the maturity level (vertical axe) per domain (horizontal axe):

, Discover – Adoption: Are you fit for the digital transformation?, Acorel

Using the results

It is not the trick to be at the highest level on all domains (or on 1 domain), but merely to be in line for the level of maturity on the different domains.
If not, expectations will be different. Leadership expects to introduce a change, whereas skills of people are not accurate. Targets are set in the operations, but data analytics and report tooling are not in place to measure and report these targets…
Often these different expectations causing a lack of adoption of new software tooling and this is exactly what you would like to prevent (see also my earlier blog on this topic).
The tooling might be perfectly implemented, according to budget, time and even to requirements, but is it really matching the needs and strategy of the company? Do you know when it is really successful and can all employees work with it?
Growing pains in companies and maybe also tiredness of another change can lead to adoption issues. So why not focus on this in the beginning of the process, so we can pinpoint this from the start instead of finding out at the end…

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