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What’s new in release 1905 of Sales and Service Cloud

Emiel Truijen, 17 april 2019

Spring is in the air and it’s time to gear up for the new release of SAP Cloud for Customer.
In the weekend of April 27th SAP will upgrade all test tenants to the 19.05 release. The production environment will follow in the weekend of May 11th.
In today’s blog we will share with you some of the highlights of the 19.05 release.

UI News

As announced the HTML5 UI will be retired for all users (Admin and Business users with the 19.11 release). With the 19.05 release some of the administrator/Key user functionality, like e.g. business configuration and administrator workcenters, will become available in the Fiori UI. As of 19.08 all Key user functionality should be available in Fiori.
As part of providing a more consistent user experience across all C/4 HANA products SAP also introduced some new features:

Fiori 3 Theme

A new Fiori 3 theme is introduced in the 19.05 release. This theme will be the standard theme as of 19.11 and it will replace the Blue Crystal theme.

The Fiori 3 theme supports more colors, e.g. colored icons, and is a bit wider.

Fiori menu

A new Fiori menu is introduced. The menu can be collapsed so that it will only show icons in the left. The menu can also be expanded to show the complete menu structure.
This new menu option can be activated in the company settings. As of 19.11 the new menu will be activated by default.

The productivity items are moved to the top right of the page.


New Extended Edition App for Smartphones

A new redesigned Extended Edition App for smartphones becomes available. The user experience is optimized for smartphones with the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This new app will become default with the 19.11 release. Until then it can be activated via company settings.


BETA Fiori features

SAP also introduced some features which are still in BETA. If you would like to test these new features you can request SAP to activate this functionality. The functionality is currently only available for opportunities.

Editable list views where you can edit data in the result list. You also have the option to update multiple lines.

A new Quick view where users can quickly view information, edit specific fields and perform object level actions without having to open the business object detail page.

User specific Email signatures

Via ‘My Email Settings’ a user can specify which email signatures to use for New Emails and Email Replies/Forwards.
This way corporate and personal email signatures can be used in emails. Users can set their own default email signature.


Push notifications

In workflow rules you can activate the option to send push notifications for Android and IOS.
The device will receive push notifications as long as the user logged onto the system in the last 3 days. Clicking on the notification will navigate the user to the particular object in the application.




SAP has recently acquired Callidus and is now integrating the Callidus Contract Lifecycle Management with SAP C4C. The first integration will be introduced in 19.05 but developing the complete integration will be a phased delivery.
Within the C4C Contract, you can create and open a contract document in the SAP Contract Life Cycle Management solution (aka Callidus CLM). Initially this would be a contract template. The negotiation of contract Clauses & Supplements can then be conducted between Customer and Seller, leveraging the capabilities of CLM.
After the customer signs off on the Contract in CLM the CLM Contract Document is then added as an attachment to the C4C Contract. The C4C Contract can be activated and transferred to SAP ERP.


SAP is also working on the Integration of SAP Callidus CPQ (Configure Price Quote). You can create a new SAP CPQ Quote from anywhere in SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C), such as an Account, Activity, Ticket, or Opportunity.
The C4C quote quick create window opens a mashup of the SAP CPQ solution. You can directly launch SAP CPQ from the quote ID hyperlink in C4C in notifications, work lists, or enterprise search to view or edit the SAP CPQ quote.
From SAP CPQ you can directly create a Sales Order in SAP ERP.

Activities and Visits

You can now specify a default duration for activities. Previously, the default duration was 30 minutes between start/end times for all activities.
You can now maintain default durations for Visits, Appointments, Phone calls, and Tasks.


The answers to a survey question can now be populated or calculated based on the answers provided to other questions.



In the 19.02 release SAP introduced a new library in C4C where you can store your documents. This new library has more functionality like  folders and authorizations.
A big advantage is that you can now also attach files from the C4C library in your emails so that you can share them with your customer.

Field Service management

More efficient planning of technicians for a certain job via a search based on location via the map view.
Route view to show travel time between activities in order to create a custom tour-plan for a technician.


If you have any question on the new release of Cloud for Sales or Cloud for Service please feel free to contact us via

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