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Becoming a transformational organization

Many companies are making efforts to embrace new technologies to keep up with increasing customer demands and competition. Doing so, finding the appropriate mix of communication channels, such as social media can by quite a challenge. The same applies for how to learn from customer interactions with the help of machine learning or trying to keep one step ahead with artificial intelligence.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about the potential of digital technologies to accelerate the process of organizations and its employees to transform towards a truly customer centric and agile organization. Along with new digital technologies, the changing of organization, people and processes are equally important.

According to a recent study in The Netherlands (2018) just 73% started a digital transformation in the past 2 years and 40% even started less than 1 year ago. At the same time 56% of the companies involved in the survey said that digital transformation is a top priority. (source: Blauw Research, 2018)

Your own organization might be in the process of digital transformation. You may find yourself in the middle of implementing new technologies, attracting employees with the desired new skills or changing business processes entirely.  Just how do you know where you are in this journey and which steps lie ahead on the path to, what we call, the transformational organization?

In this blog post I would like to draw your attention to the online survey Acorel has recently developed to assess your organizations digital maturity level on five different dimensions.

By completing this survey, you will receive a free report which provides insight on how you score on these five dimensions and which maturity level you are currently at. We also provide you with tips and inspiration to grow to the next maturity level.

I invite you to take our digital maturity scan and receive your personalized Digital Maturity Report by e-mail*. Please visit our website for more or go to the survey directly via this link.

*At the moment this survey is only available in Dutch.

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