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How to get up to speed with Qualtrics

Robbert van der Ploeg, 18 december 2019

In two previous blogs my colleague Thijs wrote about SAP’s acquisition of Qualtrics. He introduced the Qualtrics platform and described the competitive advantage this will bring to organizations. This is because Qualtrics and SAP deliver a unique end-to-end experience and operational management solution by combining Operational data with eXperience data. In his second blog he described four powerful examples on how companies can truly understand what is happening at every single step of the customer journey by combining the Qualtrics CustomerXM platform with commerce, sales, service and marketing.

Furthermore, he made the statement that within 5 years from now, we believe that experience management tooling will be as common as CRM or ERP are right now. Organizations are in need of experience management tooling and should act now to keep a competitive advantage in a world where it’s all about customer experiences.

But, where to start? In this blog you will find some really good sources of documentation that will help you get started and will rapidly get you up to speed.


Qualtrics resources

All helpful experience management & market research guidance, all in one place. You will find e-books on question design, increasing response rates and measuring your brand experience. You will find an overview of all recent recordings of webinars and events. And, you can download templates for customer satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, NPS surveys and more.


Qualtrics Basecamp

This is the on-demand learning platform to help you rapidly build in dept expertise from how to use Qualtrics, to best practices and implementing research via a methodology. Great resources to help you gain insights into collecting, understanding, analyzing, and reporting user feedback and how to personalize and configure a project.

Qualtrics – free account

If you want to gain practical experience yourself and play with Qualtrics, you can create your free account and experience the user-friendliness of Qualtrics.

Qualtrics XM-Institute

Qualtrics is not only a tool. The XM institute will help you discover why XM is so important, will learn you the fundamentals of XM, and will help you acquire skills and strategies for transforming your customer, product, employee and brand experience. Want to know what the average CX rating is for companies like your own to help benchmark your performance? The XM institute is the go-to resource for leading a successful XM program.


Cirque du Soleil customer case

Do you want to get inspired by a customer case? Cirque du Soleil is known for its mind-bending and groundbreaking in-show performances, but it’s now shining a light on one-of-a-kind pre-show experiences between performers and audiences with an innovative collaboration with Qualtrics.


Enjoy reading! Do you have questions or are you looking for more information on customer experience and how the integration between Qualtrics and the several CX cloud applications works? Please feel free to contact us.
Special thanks to Djoekie for sharing.

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