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Implementing Utilities Solution SAP Service Cloud

Bianca Koene

At the moment, I am doing an implementation of SAP Service Cloud with a Utilities company in the Netherlands. As one of the first implementations of the Utilities Solution, this is a nice challenge. With limited resources both in my network and online, I think an article on hands-on experience is more than welcome. I will also highlight some improvements made by SAP already.

POD integration

Our first topic to improve started with integrating SAP ERP-ISU with the Utilities Solution. As you can see in below picture, one of the objects that should come over from SAP ERP – ISU is the POD (point of delivery) that belongs to the premise.

, Implementing Utilities Solution SAP Service Cloud, Acorel

Although we saw this information coming into SAP Service Cloud with the payload of “UtilitiesTechnicalObjectReplicationIn”, strangely enough we did not see this information anywhere displayed on the UI. Of course, on the Premise TI you have the Overview and the Connection Details that show information about the Point of Delivery and Division. But this is a “look-through” in SAP IS-U.

, Implementing Utilities Solution SAP Service Cloud, Acorel

Since this customer wants to assign POD details to service tickets and store extra information on these PODs with KUT fields, it was important to have the information that we see in the Payload, visible on the Premise UI, without the need to have an outgoing webservice call to SAP IS-U. Also, we needed the ability to access the POD fields with PDI. This initially was not possible.

After discussing all this with SAP, a solution was delivered in a hotfix on 1911, end of November. With this hotfix the POD fields are now PSM enabled, which means they are available in PDI SDK. Also, they have been made available for use in a custom ODATA service for the BO UtilitiesPointOfDelivery. With this, you are now able to create your own UI for the POD details.

Premise – Serviceticket relation

After we were able to access the POD details via PDI SDK, we found there was no link between the Premise and a Service Ticket in a standard OData service. Also, when we tried to create a custom OData service, we could not find the relationship with the Premise from the ServiceRequest object. This has been enabled with a Hotfix end of 2019. So, you can now let an interface create your tickets, linked to the Premise.

Ticket to premise navigation

Another topic we encountered, is that when we create a ticket from the Premise, in the overview screen of the ticket (on the Product Section) you see the Premise assigned, but it is not hyperlinked. So, you cannot easily navigate back to the Premise from the ticket. Again SAP has solved this quickly. With release 2002 they have introduced amongst others the “Utilities – Objects” section. And in this section you have the field Premise Address available that is hyperlinked, and navigates directly to the Premise details. Perfect!

Premise address details

Finally, we found that the datasource CODUTLPREMISE did not show all address details of the Premise. So the fields were already available in de datasource, but not actually populated with data. SAP has fixed this in the 20.02 release by adding the attribute Address UUID and House Supplement. Great, we are happy!


So as you can see, there are still some little hurdles to overcome, but with all the quick improvements of SAP on the Utilities Solutions we are getting to a standard that answers the requirements for our customer, with which we can Go Live early this year.

Bianca Koene