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What’s new in the 20.08 release for Cloud for Sales and Cloud for Service

Emiel Truijen, 29 juli 2020

While most of you are enjoying a well-deserved Summer holiday, SAP will upgrade the SAP Sales Cloud and the SAP Service Cloud to the new 20.08 release. In the weekend of the 1st of August all Test tenants will be upgraded, to be followed by the Production tenants in the weekend of August 15th.

In todays blog we would like to share some of the new features in the upcoming release.

General announcements

Supported browsers

SAP announces that as of 20.11 release Internet Explorer will no longer be supported.

New tiles on the home page

Definitely one of the best improvements in this new release are the new tiles on the home page.

Kanban board view for “My Tickets” (not available on App and Smartphone).

Quick Links

A tile with quick links to create a specific transaction directly from the home page

My Team Tickets

Gives an insight in the total number of tickets for each team member.

Video tile

Possibility to display a Video tile on the home page for a defined time frame. The tile contains a link to a video. The will be opened in a separate window.

New Safira Theme

Sap introduces a new Fiori Theme called Safira. The new theme has a modern look and feel and improved efficiency through click reduction.
This new theme is only available in Beta so if you are interested you can request access to this theme via SAP support.

Business Partner: Address search and validation via SAP DQM

Type ahead address search is available for adding and maintaining an address on a Individual Customers. This functionality is only available as Beta and can be activated via a request to SAP support.
A separate SAP DQM license is required.


Extended App: Upload multiple attachments

Possibility to select and upload up to 5 attachments at once. You can also use the camera to take multiple pictures and upload them to the app.

Native APP: Create activities from calendar

You can now create activities directly from the calendar.


Personalized Dashboard Filters

Users can apply multiple filters to a dashboard and save them as selection. The dashboard will open with the default selection.

Report Tiles on Home Page

Charts in reports can now be displayed on the Home Page and will appear as they are in the report view.

Webservice Monitoring: Display sequence of messages

New option in the webservice monitoring to display the message sequence.


Intelligent Sales Execution

In this release SAP also added some new features to the Intelligent Sales Execution (ISE) functionality.
View pipeline changes over:
• Specific period
• Slipped opportunities
• Commit opportunities which have been marked lost
• Breakdown of closed won opportunities
• Newly created opportunities

The ISE functionality is part of a phased delivery and customers must request activation of this functionality via support. ISE is available as part of a Cloud for Customer Enterprise License only.

Leads: link opportunities with leads

It is now possible to link Leads with Predecessor or Successor Opportunities that may have been created separately.

Opportunity: Enhanced internal pricing

Possibility to edit discounts and prices for products on the prices tab in the opportunity. Possibility to copy price agreements from the opportunity to the Sales Quote or Order.

Sales Contract: Enhanced external Pricing

You can view and edit external price elements directly in the item table of the Sales Contract.

Sales Order and Sales Quote: Edit prices for Bill of Materials

This feature allows you to change price conditions for sub items that are determined in an external application. The option is available for Sales Quotes and Sales Orders.

Appointments: Formatted Texts

Rich Text Editor is now available for notes in appointments. Provides users the flexibility to use text formatting in the content of the notes.

Service Cloud

Outlook Integration: Create tickets from Outlook (client side)

Users can now create tickets directly within Outlook

Action to copy email to an existing ticket

The user can copy an email interaction to an existing ticket.

Templates: Allow Non-Admin users to edit all Templates

Non-admin users can be allowed to edit templates created by admins. Updating the corporate flag for a template is only allowed by an admin user.

Ticket: Restriction rule for Service organization

You can now authorize all service related screens based on Service Organization instead of Service Unit. All the employees of a Service Organization can access tickets that are assigned to an employee within the organization hierarchy.

Service intelligence: Serial ID extraction

The system can automatically pre-fill the Serial Id in a ticket because the system recognizes the Serial Id in the description that is coming in the ticket.

If you have any question on the new release of Cloud for Sales or Cloud for Service please feel free to contact us via

Stay healthy and enjoy your vacation!

Emiel Truijen

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