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Trust can take years to build, but can be gone in moments!

Romke Velders

In daily life you are bombarded both online and offline with marketing expressions from all kinds of organizations.
Advertising brochures are (still) delivered in the letterbox, local newspapers can only survive by the grace of the advertising
income of the local entrepreneurs, but radio and TV stations cannot do without this income either. Along the way you see
advertisements everywhere and in all shapes and sizes on facades and columns. And finally, online has been a trusted environment for both B2C and B2B for years to burn marketing (read advertising) costs. According to many, it is difficult to grow without Marketing. There is of course a grain of truth in this, and it is not for nothing that the market vendor who praises his merchandise the loudest is heard the best.

Obviously, not every organization will spend 10% on marketing by default. But we will agree that an enormous amount of money is spent on this. According to market research firm Nielsen, the so-called net media expenditure in the Netherlands amounted to 4.5 billion euros in 2018. An increase of 3.2% compared to 2017. The largest increase (8%) comes, not unexpectedly, from online advertising.

For some it is still debatable whether advertisements are useful, but the fact remains that organizations believe that they should spend a lot of money to increase their brand awareness and to bring in new customers.

In recent years, marketing has undergone a major evolution, mainly thanks to technological developments, especially in online channels. Fortunately, more and more organizations have come to realize that it works well if you know your customer better. It ensures that you can convert that one prospect into a customer more easily. Then once you have that customer in, it still turns out to be very difficult for too many organizations to keep those customers in. There are many examples of organizations that do not understand that good service is essential for customer retention. Think of the service experiences in your own business or private environment. I bet you have plenty of examples of experiences which can be improved.

Fortunately, there are more and more companies that, in addition to marketing, are also fully committed to service. They realize that there is a greater chance that a satisfied customer will come back and buy again and even function as a walking advertising column for you.

The above is not rocket science, but I am still amazed that everyone is talking about customer experience, but that many experiences stop at the checkout!

The money is in! Customer Experience is an end-to-end process. Make sure your customer is so satisfied with the purchase process but also with the service afterwards.Invest in perfect service!

Why spend an average of 10% of the turnover on acquiring customers through marketing, but not reserve a fixed percentage annually for retaining those same customers? Is your sales, marketing versus service in balance? Do you want to challenge Acorel to develop and / or professionalize your service?

Romke Velders

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