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What’s new in SAP Cloud for Customer 2102 Release

Marco Meijs

The first release of 2021 is here and in this blog we want to give an overview of the latest and greatest functionalities that SAP has in store for you.
Looking at the release schedule the test tenants with be updated in the weekend of the 6th of February. Two weeks later the productive tenants are updated, so that will be in the weekend of the 20th

, What’s new in SAP Cloud for Customer 2102 Release, Acorel

General announcements

To stay competitive in the market SAP has announced a new strategy around innovation and modernization. The innovations centers around remaining competitive, enhance productivity, increase adoption and grow the business. The modernization has 4 main pillars surrounding the improvement of cloud qualities, hosting on Hyperscalar, Microservices / API first and Simplified Extensibility & Usability.

The new Saphira theme is now general available and does not need to be requested via an incident anymore and there are some company and branding settings that will change:

  • Company setting to disable header information from top will NOT be retired until further notice;
  • Company setting to disable action menu from top will be retired with 2105 release;
  • Company setting to disable new smartphone layout will be retired with 2108 release.

Call Lists

A nice new feature that will become available for the call lists is Call scripting. This will allow you to:

  • Create & associate a call script to call list;
  • Capture specific participant responses within the call script;
  • Review script responses for individual participants;
  • Review call script responses across all call participants.

, What’s new in SAP Cloud for Customer 2102 Release, Acorel

Besides this there are further enhancements in the area of:

  • New participant type, Individual Customer
  • Call or email participants, and edit call list
  • details, from the call list quick view
  • Participant Type column in the call table
  • lead, contact, or prospect indication
  • Closed Status column to monitor call progress

Data Workbench

For the data workbench there are new features that are quite useful:

  1. Easy import of a simulation task: it is now possible to start an import based on a simulated import. This means that if your simulation ran correctly you do not need to create a new import task to do that actual import. The system can do it for you based on your simulation
  2. Column selection in individual object exports: you can now select the fields that you want to have in your export file which decreases the amount of fields/data you need to work with
  3. Some enhancements have also been made for the important export of data:
    • Unlimited number of imports/exports;
    • Maximum of 100k records per file.

New Calendar options

Recurring appointments are now supported with server side outlook integration for Visits and Appointments.

  • For daily/weekly recurring series, 2 months of recurring appointments will be replicated;
  • For monthly recurring appointments, 6 months will be replicated.

You can now customize the colors of the activities in your Cloud for Customer calendar based on a variety of parameters

, What’s new in SAP Cloud for Customer 2102 Release, Acorel

Attachments data source for visits

There is a data source available that gives you an overview of the attachments per visit. As a report (embedded on the customer) this can help in easily finding the attachment you were looking for but was unable to find without opening all visits.


Unassociated e-mails

It is now possible to select multiple unassociated emails at once and add them to the same ticket

Time line refresh

There is now a refresh button available specifically for the time line. This way you do not need to refresh the entire ticket to see if updates are available on the time line. This also works for the filter settings

Session tabs for live activity

A great improvement in the live activity screens that will save time for the agents when working with multiple sessions (e.g. chat, phone call). When a new interaction is accepted a new session tab will be opened. Within this session tab new child tabs are created that relate to the “parent” session. This will:

  • make it easier to work on parallel sessions as they are grouped together
  • save time when closing a session, all child sessions will be closed automatically instead of having to close them by hand one at a time.

, What’s new in SAP Cloud for Customer 2102 Release, Acorel

Field Service management

Creation of automatic time entries

For approved FSM time effort the system can now automatically create time items. This will:

  • set the parent to the related service item in C4C and;
  • the time item is set to finished and;
  • the actuals of the service item are updated per underlying time items.

, What’s new in SAP Cloud for Customer 2102 Release, Acorel


New agent desktop

SAP is working on a new UI experience for the agents and is introducing the “New Agent Desktop”. This will be brought live in a Phases release where in Q1 and Q2 it will be in Restricted Beta and is planned for general availability in Q4. Part of this is the introduction of new “Cards” for different objects:

  • Customer details;
  • Actions;
  • Timeline (chat, outgoing email).

Within these cards there will be pagination for relevant data. In the time line relevant items (for instance all email interactions) can be found for a specific customer.

, What’s new in SAP Cloud for Customer 2102 Release, Acorel

Thanks for reading and till next time.


Marco Meijs