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Stay relevant with SAP Commerce Cloud V2

Maurice Rootjes

It’s already more than two years ago that SAP Commerce Cloud v2 was introduced. In April 2019 we have shared some insights on our first experience with the public cloud platform. After extensively using the platform it’s time to share some more.

Stay relevant

The Digital Commerce space is changing rapidly. Channel-less experience, social commerce, subscription models and personalization are some trends were retailers and wholesalers need to decide on how to stay relevant. It is crucial that your Commerce Platform offers the flexibility to include these new features quickly so that you don’t lose market share to your competition. For this challenge a reliable, scalable and flexible commerce platform is a must have.

Key aspects of the SAP Commerce on public cloud infrastructure (CCV2) are the reliable infrastructure and the headless commerce abilities. The infrastructure in combination with the self-service, monitoring and maintenance tools provide the reliability and scalability customers are expecting. Where Spartacus storefront in combination with the headless commerce services provides business agility to rapidly adapt to new market needs.


Public cloud infrastructure

Working with the public cloud infrastructure gives many advantages over the traditional on-premise infrastructure:

, Stay relevant with SAP Commerce Cloud V2, Acorel

Microsoft Azure provides reliable and scalable commerce infrastructure

  • The standardization of the infrastructure enables rapid onboarding. Many common operations are simplified and part of the self-service portal. Knowledge of maintaining the infrastructure is common available.
  • The public cloud infrastructure comes with a reliable build and deployment process with continuous delivery and continuous integration pipeline. The deployment functionality is maintained by SAP, where we see in almost every release new and improvement functionality. The simplified deployment process surpasses most on-premise implementations.
  • Updates and fixes become available in short iterations. In the past it could be challenging to apply these updates. Today it is a common operation that hardly takes any time. This results in up-to-date systems.
  • Security is an important and complex topic. Keeping up to date with all components used within the commerce infrastructure and react proactively on potential security risks requires experts and dedication. Something most organization cannot offer by themselves. Having a platform that is dedicated to provides security at the highest levels available is comforting.
  • A large set of out-of-the-box integration makes integration with other SAP (cloud) solutions like SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud and SAP CPQ easier than ever before.

, Stay relevant with SAP Commerce Cloud V2, Acorel

SAP Commerce Cloud self-service portal simplifies many common operations


At customer running SAP Commerce Cloud on public infrastructure, we see significantly less effort spent on infrastructure support and maintenance. Where up-time and availability are comparable or higher. Time spent on infrastructure activities related to cloud integrations and connectivity is almost reduced to zero.


Headless commerce and Spartacus

, Stay relevant with SAP Commerce Cloud V2, Acorel

Spartacus storefront technology gives the agility needed to provide the best customer experience on every touchpoint

SAP’s Commerce Cloud architecture is changing with the goal to provide SAP Commerce as a Software as a Service (SaaS). The new architecture is based on a headless commerce concept where the Storefront is decoupled from the Commerce Platform but integrated through various micro- and domainservices. The services are delivered as REST-services that can be consumed by the decoupled storefront.

We recommend using the open-source JavaScript Spartacus Storefront for any new SAP commerce storefront and not use the legacy accelerator storefront. It is also possible to use your own JavaScript-based storefront or consume the REST-services from any other language or device.

This services-based architecture removes many limitations encountered while implementing the Accelerator Storefronts. It becomes possible providing the engaging experience to your customers across all channels. Multiple storefronts, applications and devices can make use of the services provided by the SAP Commerce platform. This makes it possible and feasible to optimize each touchpoint within the customer journey, without the need for single technology and centralized maintenance.

With the Accelerator Storefront a change to customer interactions or touchpoints was a time-consuming process. Using CCV2 in combination with a decoupled storefront like Spartacus, the storefronts can be updated independently and as frequently as needed.



The combination of the public cloud infrastructure with headless gives the agility needed to provide the best customer experience on every touchpoint. Without having to worry about the scalability, reliability and security. As concluded before SAP Commerce Cloud v2 is still the way forward!

Maurice Rootjes

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