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Change from outdated to new

Brendan Korten

Outdated B2B digital platforms underperformed before COVID-19, but visibility wasn’t great.
The effects of new or changing customer behavior and wishes have emphasized the urgent need for change.

Today’s B2B customer wants real-time insight into the supply chain, such as stock availability and delivery times. This is critical to the sales process because failing to promise the customer a delivery date can prevent the order from being placed.
Look at yourself, if something is not completely known, you usually don’t do it. Then you don’t order because you don’t know if they have it and when it will be delivered.

The consideration that the platform they may want to deploy has the ability to quickly respond to changing market requirements without having to change the back-end, headless commerce, is therefore an increasingly heard wish.
Every digital project must be agile, flexible, and understandable.
Headless commerce is a separation of the front end and back end of an ecommerce application. This architecture offers freedom of expression to build whatever and however you want it. Most importantly, it enables you to enrich the customer experience.

For many B2B companies that want a SAP Commerce Cloud implementation, it is also essential to be able to disconnect the SAP Commerce back-end from their ERP system.
Because many companies still work with outdated systems and this is often not stable, by disconnecting the SAP Commerce back-end and the ERP systems, the SAP Commerce environment remains stable and adjustments can be made in the front-end without changing business processes. be endangered or disrupted.

A good CX platform shouldn’t just be headless or flexible.
It should be possible to do more. A protected My Account section, view order history, view and download credit notes, schedule partial deliveries, sell products, monitor performance and much more.
Think global. Look at what the customer wants from your customer. Look at what is possible and impossible.

Often the same principle has been used for years and people are afraid of change.
Automation and a new B2B SAP Commerce platform is sometimes scary, sometimes a lot, but know that the world keeps changing and with it the customer and his needs.
Acorel helps with this. With the processes, with mapping the wishes, the possibilities and the impossibilities.

So don’t worry, we’re here for you.

Brendan Korten

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