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C4C reports based on FSM checklists, yes you can!

Jasper Cremers, 21 juli 2021

Within Field Service Management, there are awesome tools available to create checklists. These checklists (or smartforms), can easily be pushed to the FSM mobile application. Did you know it is also possible to create a report in C4C analytics, based on the completed smartforms? As long as you structure the questions in the correct way, that is…


Yes, there are prerequisites of course. Maybe in the future we can tell our systems to setup the integration automatically, but until that time we need to do it ourselves. Thankfully, there are guides for that. Check the latest help documentation from SAP. Basically it will tell you to:

Once you completed the integration, you will see that checklists from a FSM service call will automatically be replicated to C4C.

Checklist Template and Instance

Once the checklist is completed in FSM, the data will automatically be replicated to C4C. This chapter title is also the name of the C4C datasource that is filled with the checklist data. My issue was that the data was kind of unstructured, all the checklist templates (with different questions) will use the same datasource. So be sure to include the template ID (and version number) as a selection in the report.

In my situation, I needed to answer questions about a variant number of registered products, but there was no key for each subquestion. Initially, the data looked like this. Good luck making a decent report with this:


Checklist element: Series

In FSM there are multiple checklist elements that you can use. The Series element will add an ID to all the subquestions, that will act as a key in the report.


These checklists are presented pretty good in the FSM app. They are presented in a ‘guided procedure’ way of working, so it’s easy for users answer questions and in this case add the needed number of subquestions.

Once the checklist is replicated from FSM to C4C, the series element ID is also shown in the datasource.

That’s it!

Maybe it’s pretty basic, but it took me a while to pick the right elements in the FSM checklist before I had a structured datasource. From here you can of course take it to the next level with C4C analytics. Embedded reports on the account overview, add FSM service call information to your ticket dashboard.. A lot of possibilities for different requirements.

Happy checklist-reporting!

Jasper Cremers

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