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What’s new in SAP Cloud for Customer 2108 Release

Marco Meijs

The third SAP Cloud for Customer release of this year is coming; many people are enjoying the holiday period and hopefully SAP will give us extra holiday happiness with the new functionalities set to be released in august.
Below is an overview of the timeline. In the weekend of the 6th of august the test tenants will be updated, which gives you two weeks to test if everything still works as it should be. In the weekend of the 21st the production tenants are upgraded.

Microsoft Teams Integration

This is probably the nicest update in the new release. It has been announced before but now it really seems to be added to the new release.
With the Microsoft Teams integration, it will be possible to:


Key user tool enhancements

There are two new innovations here:

Basic search configuration of Extension fields.

Extension fields that are part of the advanced search will no longer be enabled for basic search by default. This means that you should explicitly select the extension field you want to have available in the basic search.

Dynamic font color using rules.

Some releases ago SAP introduced the configuration of different colors for certain fields. This has now been enhanced to where the color of the field can be set dynamically. This is done with the rule editor.



For opportunities there are two main innovations:


Within a visit it is now possible to add tasks and surveys via the “Visit Execution” view.

Add an internal memo to a ticket that has the status completed

A new feature that might be very useful is the ability to add comments to a ticket that is already set to completed. Normally you would first need to set the status to in progress to be able to add additional comments. This has been changed to where you can now, from the timeline, add internal comments when the ticket is completed. This should greatly improve the usability.

Enhancements to the New Agent Desktop

Improvements have been made to the new agent desktop. These centre around:


Furthermore, the CTI scope has been enhanced with capabilities for widgets regarding Phone, chat and SMS support. Also, the customer identification has been enhanced with:


For the customer hub following enhancements are in place


This concludes the highlights for coming release. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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