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Did you know about these cool new SAP C4C add-ons!

Joost Goudriaan, 25 augustus 2021

SAP just released their 2108 version of SAP Cloud for Customer, bringing a lot of great new features to the solution. For example, the Microsoft Teams integration is more than welcome in times where meetings are mostly done online.
sap cloud for customer ms teams integration

But I do not want to write in today’s blog about the 2108 release. I want to briefly introduce two really cool add-ons that were developed by SAP recently and can be acquired today. Yes, I did say ‘acquire’, which means that these add-ons are not standard functionality and require separate licenses.

SAP Sales Cloud – Dynamic Visit Planning (DVP)
The first add-on that I want to mention is Dynamic Visit Planning, an add-on meant for sales teams that, even in Covid-19 times, rely on visit locations to accomplish their tasks like for instance in retail execution.
As an organisation you want to optimize the number of visits a sales rep can make in one day and want the customers to be visited that need the most attention.
But let’s be honest, if your visit planning is not data-driven you won’t be able to achieve both these goals. You cannot expect your sales reps to understand which accounts or stores need to be visited most and in which order without the right insights.
Well, the Dynamic Visit Planning add-on is here to save the day! It helps organizations to improve the visit efficiency by incorporating opening hours, geolocation- and historical traffic data in the planning process and provides recommendations on who to visit based on customer data like store score, overdue coverage or account classification.

sap cloud for customer dynamic visit planning

Have a look for yourself! (p.s. my colleague Marius van Ravenstein will do a more detailed blog about this topic soon!)

SAP Service Cloud – Service Agent Desktop
This add-on is developed by SAP mainly for the (call) service agents that are using SAP Service Cloud. It increases their efficiency and productivity by giving them a better user experience (UX) by providing them one workspace that fulfills all agent needs. In the end it results in helping customers more quickly, which has a positive effect on the overall customer experience.

sap cloud for customer new agent desktop

Another ‘good to know topic’ is the fact that the New Agent Desktop can connect to almost everything when it comes down to communication channels and 3rd party channel software.

sap cloud for customer new agent desktop channels

As The New Agent Desktop runs on AWS and not the classic web stack, the New Agent Desktop is highly available; it will stay up during maintenance or other downtime.
Again, have a look for yourself! (a video when it was still in Beta, but I think this video is still the best one).

Probably one of my colleagues will do a more detailed blog on The New Agent Desktop in the future, just let us know if you are interested in this!

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