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SAPUI5 vs Fiori Elements

Hasnain Muzaffar, 01 december 2021

SAPUI5 or Fiori Elements? It is a choice between flexibility and efficiency

SAP is known for having complex interfaces for their Apps, but in the last few years SAP has been focusing on simplifying UIs and improving UX of their users. Therefore, SAP is focusing more on Web based Applications called Fiori Apps, making UI’s simple and easy to use.

SAP provides wide range of Fiori Applications and continuously improves these standard Apps. Beside these standard apps, in some cases, businesses need custom development to cover their unique business scenarios.

To develop custom Applications, SAP provides several tools and frameworks to make development simple and easy.

Important to keep in mind is that:

fiori type screen


SAPUI5 is JavaScript based framework which makes use of MVC model. Several JS libraries and CSS classes are created which can be used. Beside standard libraries and classes, own libraries and classes can also be created.
SAPUI5 is core for SAPUI5 and ASP is keep working on improving this framework. SAPUI5 provides more freedom and flexibility to achieve UI goals and to build complex web applications.

SAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori elements made Fiori development easier and faster, and it can be used in most common SAP use-cases. Although for complex scenarios, there might be some challenges. SAP Fiori Elements are based on SAPUI5 but you only need to add annotations to CDS views and the UI will be generated automatically based on these annotations.
SAP Fiori Elements provides a consistent design based on latest design guidelines without writing code in the frontend. All you need to do is to connect your OData service with a Fiori smart template in Business Application Studio.


SAP Fiori Elements

Flexibility with creation of UIs:

User is free to use different designs or implement complex scenarios.

Predefined components are used:

Less flexibility with changing UI design and not all the scenarios can be implemented using SAP Fiori Elements.

SAPUI5 Coding is required App is generated based on annotations written in OData service
Development and maintenance costs are high Simple and quicker to build the app, which save time.
Can write own libraries or use third-party libraries Only can use predefined components of SAP
Rework might be required by newer versions Automatically use the latest version of framework


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