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Benefits of good design in business apps.

Robin van Otterdijk, 12 januari 2022

Apps are everywhere around us. Not only on our phones and computers also on televisions, in cars even modern fridges have a digital interface today. We are getting more and more used to using applications. And the number of options available is growing exponentially.

This gives users the option to select the application that works best for them. And doing so requires other applications to catch up or risk losing users. Helping the better apps strive and increase the general experience of apps. This effect allows us to use well-designed apps every day. And gives users a high standard and generally good knowledge of what is possible using apps.

For business applications, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with this ongoing phenomenon. Although even when people are getting paid to work with one application there is more than enough reason to make sure this app is well designed.


1. Productivity

Information is available when and where you need it. Actions can be completed in as few steps as possible. This reduces the number of clicks needed and increases the amount of work you can do within any given time.


2. Uniformity

Functions work the same way across all screens. If you know how to do it in one place you also know how to do it everywhere else. This makes it easier to use new functionalities without specific training.


3. Mistakes

‘Did I already save this file?’ or ‘What happens when I push this button?’ well-designed interfaces can prevent a lot of these questions and by doing so reducing the chance of incorrect assumptions.


4. Easy to learn

Good design can help simplify complex concepts. Providing clear steps to the solution helps reduce the learning curve.


5. Happiness

We use well-designed apps all day, why would we use anything less at work. Having a user-friendly and intuitive application reduces frustration.


6. Development

Having design in mind from the very beginning can help avoid future problems. Make sure the app is future-proof, preventing things such as correcting navigation errors or erasing useless functions and features.


7. Support

A lot of time is spent on resolving avoidable errors. Incorrect assumptions on user behavior, navigation that results in users getting stuck or lost, and any new features that are unwanted, unnecessary, or inaccessible. Ensuring the design of your app from the beginning will help prevent potential headaches.


Every company, no matter its size, should consider design as a consistent and fundamental part of its business strategy.




Robin van Otterdijk

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