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Is it me or is it SAP?

What if your SAP Cloud system is down?, 16 februari 2022

We all know the feeling. You’re in the middle of some difficult process, and suddenly the system goes down. You must think for a split second it’s your fault. You look around if others are affected (which is somewhat useless when working from home), and you try to find out what’s wrong.

If it’s only you, it’s easy. Cry a little, restart and try again.

If it’s your whole company… it obviously depends on who is hosting your system.

If it is SAP, like it is for most SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Marketing Cloud customers, you can check the status of your cloud system here.

If your system has a green checkbox, like this:

all is fine

All is fine according to SAP, so log on to the support portal and create a message.

If it has an information symbol like this:

issues have been reported

Issues have been reported.

Click on it to find the details.


If this is your case, you can assume SAP is aware of the issue and someone somewhere is sweating real hard while being shouted at trying to fix this issue.

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