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Release 2202 of SAP Sales and Service Cloud

Emiel Truijen, 02 februari 2022

SAP updates its SAP Sales and Service Cloud systems four times a year and last week SAP presented the contents of the upcoming February Release. In this blog we will share with you the highlights of the new and improved functionalities of this 22.02 release.

In the weekend of February 5th SAP will upgrade all test tenants to the 22.02 release. The production environment will follow in the weekend February the 19th.


Teams Integration

One of the nice new features that SAP introduced in 2021 was the integration of SAP Sales Cloud with Microsoft Teams. It supports integration and collaboration on objects like appointments, leads, opportunities and tickets. In the upcoming release SAP has extended the integration with MS Teams.The SAP Sales Cloud Visit will also be enabled for MS Teams collaboration. The Visit object was not yet supported in the previous releases. The users can access and edit the visit in Sap Sales Cloud from there Teams meeting. Some other new features:

Outbound Call Support

Microsoft Teams can be used to handle Outbound calls from Sap Sales Cloud. A very nice new option that can be enabled in the company settings.

outbound call

Shared Workspace

The Share Workspace functionality gives users the option to share any data set or object details within dedicated teams and channels in MS teams. The user can also create a new team or channel.


Deal Rooms

The Deal Rooms functionality helps business users to setup a new dedicated team in MS Teams to improve the collaboration for a high value opportunity. From the opportunity the user can create a new team in MS Teams with all team members that are also part of the sales team in the opportunity.

deal room

Improved One Click Navigation

When the option is activated in the company settings the user can choose to open a quick view of the selected object or to immediately open the selected object.

one click

Groupware Integration

The user can convert an email in Outlook to a ticket in SAP Service Cloud in one click . He has the possibility to manually link emails & attachments to a ticket and the ability to reopen a closed ticket upon reply.


Service Email Text placeholder in Subject Pattern

Via the BADI ManageEmailSubjectPrefix SAP now provides a way by which customers:

Beta Integration with Emarsys

Emarsys is a cloud-based, omnichannel marketing platform that was acquired by SAP in November, 2020. SAP comes with a Beta Version of the add on that provides an out-of-the-box integration with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud.
This add on is only available for customers that have registered for the Beta Testing program. The scope of this first Beta version is:


This looks promising and we will keep you posted when new functionalities are released!

Intelligent Sales (Add-on)

For companies that have licenses for the intelligent sales add-on, SAP has added several new enhancements in the release. Some nice new features are:

Link to S/4HANA Customer 360°

Sales reps can access S/4HANA Customer 360° view for an account and gain additional insights on fulfilment issues, customer returns, credit memo requests, sales scheduling agreements and open quotations.


Forecast Submissions for Sales Reps

Sales Managers can now view and utilize forecasts submitted from their sales reps. Forecast submissions can start from the sales rep who owns the opportunities and roll up via the organizational hierarchy.


If you would like more detailed info about the Intelligent Sales Add On or any of the other new features that are announced in this new release please feel free to contact us.


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