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Release 2205 of SAP Sales and Service Cloud

Faried Abdoella, 04 mei 2022

On Thursday 28th of April SAP introduced the release 2205, the second release of this year. In the weekend of May 7th the test tenants will be upgraded followed by the production tenant two weeks later in the weekend of May 21st. In this blog you will find some interesting innovations and enhancement of this release.

Platform & Integration

On platform level there are enhancements planned on the Home Page, OData and Integration.
Adding and removing the quick link was already possible. As of this release you will be able to edit the existing Quick Links for any changes without having to delete and recreate the same.

ODATA Framework

To reduce the impact of the performance of the ODATA API calls you have the possibility to include $skip & $top parameters in GET query to show a certain number of the attachments of a particular business entity for example in the Opportunity instead of fetching all the attachments.


Previously it wasn’t possible to replicate registered product data to an external system by Registered Product ID. Now it is possible to replicate registered products that do not have a Serial ID to an external system by these steps: Administrator > Extracts Data to External System > Replicate Registered Product.



Maintenance Plan

As an innovation, agents can now see Threshold/ Value information in a Ticket. You can use Content of the new Data Source “Maintenance Plan Ticket Generation Details” and existing Data source “Maintenance Plan MDAV” to compile all relevant Maintenance Information e.g. via a separate Tab in Ticket. This Tab can be set up via the Key User Tool and embedding Report using joined Data sources.

It is possible to navigate via Hyperlink for selected Ticket and Maintenance Plan fields. These indicate a technician the reason/ trigger why [e.g. for Condition met/ measurement count/ time point …].

For more information how to set up see below links:


Agent Desktop

In this release you will be able to Integrate Messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter with Agent Desktop. This creates Interaction records for messaging with its transcript and channel information. The agents will be able to review Messaging interactions in the timeline. The Customers will be able to report on Messaging Channel Interactions. Users can now also record an interaction manually and store shared attachments from the chat conversation.

E-Mail Articles from Knowledge Base

This release you will be able to send out knowledge base articles to customer via E-mail through a single click. This enables Agents to share articles with customers easily.

Machine Learning

In this release you can summarize the Internal memo and e-mail. This provides the ability to scan and read conversations and memos quickly.



Display of the respective Progress and Status in color-coded categories in Opportunity work list: Stalled, Slow, On Track, Lost and Won. This Improves the usability and reduces the risk of missing actions. Overall, a better overview for the user.

Sales Quotes

You can create a follow up from a Sales quote. Instead of creating the Visit for the quote separately and link it afterwards by adding hidden action New Visit via adaptation mode in Appointments view. There is also a NEW navigation for CPQ quotes. This brings simple creation and visibility of follow-up activities, tickets, or opportunities from the C4C quote overview.

Visit Management

In the map view within the Visit list view and Calendar day map view, Visit location will be used instead of Visit account address. This will give more accurate information of actual visiting location than the account address.

Intelligent sales add-on

For companies that have licenses for the intelligent sales add-on, SAP has added several new enhancements in the release.
For B2C you can see consolidated insights for individual customers briefly and the appointments and tasks in engagement timeline. Now you will also be able to bring in S/4HANA purchase orders.

Guided selling

Advanced Opportunity Filters

Now you can search for opportunities using additional search fields and conditions. Sales Reps can quickly find the opportunity they are looking for in the advanced opportunity filters.

My Team’s Opportunities

There are also enhancements in the visibility of opportunities within a sales team. Sales managers and sales reps can now look at opportunities belonging to their team. This gives an overview of sales team opportunities and facilitates sales team collaboration.

Auto Assignment of Playbooks Tasks

Based on the playbook setting for a task the task can be automatically created as a planned activity instead of a recommendation. Sales reps can act on automatically assigned tasks and thus save time.

Opportunity List Export

Sales reps can export their opportunity list to CSV file format. This simplifies additional analysis in Excel if needed.

Opportunity Score Selection – ML or Probability

Configure which score you want to be visible for Guided Selling opportunities (ML score or probability score). This is an additional option for those who are only using one of the opportunity scores. Customers who are using both opportunity scores can select their preferred one.

Contact Interaction Threshold Configuration

Now you can define the number of days since the last interaction when the contact interaction recommendation card should be triggered. This enables administrators to reflect sales methodology for contact interactions.

Custom Employee Type Support

Furthermore, custom defined employee roles are now supported. Customers that define custom roles for employees are also now included in the “My Opportunities” field for Opportunities. This gives visibility of “My Opportunities” in Guided Selling for employees with custom roles.

If you would like more detailed info about these announced features in this new release please feel free to contact us.

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