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Release 2208 of SAP Sales and Service Cloud

Marco Meijs, 03 augustus 2022

In August the new SAP Sales and Service Cloud version with new functionalities, improvements and bug fixes will be made available for us. Therefore we present you in this blog the highlights of these different topics.

As you can see in below picture the timing of the release is as follows:
– Test tenants are upgraded on the 6th of August and,
– Production tenants are upgraded on the 20th of August.

2022 07 29 09 19 23 2208rolloutsapcloudforcustomerconsolidatedfinal1659077713675.pdf and 3 more page

General improvements

Assignment of Code List Restrictions to multiple Business Roles

The first improvement certainly will make consultants and administrators/key-users happy as it will limit the amount of time needed to setup Code List Restrictions. In the new release it is now possible to setup a code restriction once and assign it to multiple Business Roles.

Usage of Global Data type fields in SDK ABSL

This improvement is probably more interesting for developers, but the GDT fields created via the Key User Tool can be used in ABSL. This way the Key User Tool fields can be reused in SDK. Before, it was not possible to refer to these GDT fields in your ABSL coding. But fortunately this will be a thing of the past.

Support Assistant

When you want to create a new incident for SAP there is a new “wizard” available that will guide you through the process. It will first, based on some questions, try to navigate you to knowledge articles to see if you can find the answer you are looking for. The goal of this is to help find a resolution for you as quickly as possible.

2022 07 29 09 58 08 sap sales and service cloud 2208 release briefing (3844566) and 3 more pages w

SAP Sales Cloud improvements


It is now also possible to archive opportunities and quotes. Enabling is done in the fine-tune activity for archiving. By removing the business checks you can even remove:
– Opportunities that are not won, lost or stopped;
– Quotes independently of their life cycle status.

Business Partners

During the creation of an account (or individual customer) it is now possible to pre-populate the sales area data based on the default sales area of the employee. The feature can be enabled via scoping activity: General Business data -> Business Partners -> Handling of Business Partners.

Sales area related data such as payment terms are defaulted based on what is maintained in the Code List Restrictions for the specific sales area.

Manage Tasks from the calendar

Tasks can now be created, rescheduled and filtered from the calendar. They need to be configured as relevant for the calendar. Different colours can be assigned to the tasks based on priority, status and category.

2022 07 29 10 28 05 2208rolloutsapcloudforcustomerconsolidatedfinal1659077713675.pdf and 3 more page

Intelligent Sales Add-On

As part of the SAP Sales Cloud proposition the Intelligent Sales Add-On, which requires additional licences, also has some nice improvements. SAP has been putting a lot of effort in it to make it as user friendly as possible. That’s why they introduced new features like:

Configuration of Recommended Insights and Highlights

With this feature administrators can enable or disable contextual highlights. This improves the decision-making process by giving the correct data at the correct time.

Guided selling

2022 07 29 10 49 06 presentation1 powerpoint

SAP Service Cloud improvements

E-Mail channel

When sending an email via a ticket it is now possible to default the “Send later” functionality. This feature is added to the ticket configuration.
Also a BADI is made available so you can add email addresses to the CC or BCC.

Machine learning

Via Machine Learning you can now extract the Customer ID. This is useful when multiple customers use the same email address to communicate with you. If the customer ID is part of the subject or body of the email the system will be able to assign it to the correct account.

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