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How to create a clear sight of traffic on your CPI Tenants and be aware when upscaling is needed?

Jens Mulder, 28 september 2022

SAP Cloud Platform Integration monitoring

SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) has grown in functionality a lot over the years. Also the demand of customers on data streams has grown. In the case of expanding integration enough capacity is a must have. Yet SAP CPI has no tool or dashboard in itself where it can check load on memory and CPU use. In order to know when you need to expand or to see if your CPU’s are overloaded a tool will be needed to ensure that.

Realcore CPI Dashboard

Some while back now we experienced a lot of production issues/downtime at one of my customers. There seemed to be no direct cause on why this was happening. After some days the ideology of capacity related issues came to mind. Before we could say this for certain, we had to make sure we understood clearly how much capacity was being used at the time. SAP CPI itself didn’t have a clear view on this, so this is where the Realcore CPI dashboard came into play.

Functionality of the Realcore CPI dashboard

The Realcore CPI dashboard has a broad spectrum of capabilities. The first of which is to see CPU load coverage, CPU usage, system uptime and the amount of messages today.


With the use of these statistics you are to confirm why a tenant is running slower and messages are not coming through. This could also be caused by a shortage of memory which can also be monitored by the Realcore CPI dashboard.


The last feature I want to speak about is the ability to review message volume over a longer period of time. With the dashboard it is possible to review load over a span of 30 days. With this you are able to make a prediction on when an increase in capacity is needed and foresee future problems.


With these features I expect the Realcore CPI dashboard on a CPI tenant can be a valuable asset to any customer. At the end of this blog I will share some links in order to get you started on how to install one of these dashboards. Happy coding all!



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