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Joost Goudriaan, 07 september 2022

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The audience for this blog is at first organizations that just bought one or multiple solutions from the SAP CX Suite. But I think it will proof valuable to SAP CX consultants or fellow SAP CX enthusiasts as well.

Back in the day that I was a SAP CRM Consultant (2005 – 2013) there was basically one SAP CX product and that was SAP CRM. And even then there were quite some useful websites to get your information from. As the SAP CX Suite evolved the number of websites, blogs, webcasts, newsletters etc. grew significantly.

So I can imagine that, for an organization that just acquired their first bit of SAP CX software or bought an additional SAP CX solution to increase the customer experience, it can be a struggle to find useful and valuable information about that particular SAP CX solution.

Well to you I say, welcome in ‘heaven’ 😉 Because this blog will state per type of information source and per SAP CX Solution where it can be found on the world wide web.

For most of this useful information no login is required, of course for a newsletter you will need to fill in a form. There are some websites where you will need a SAP S-number* to be able to login and see the specific content.

Here we go…!

SAP CX webcasts
Customer webcasts are customer targeted and expertly delivered covering a wide range of topics. Don’t feel like reading and more a fan of videos or podcasts? Well than these webcasts are just the thing for you. You can sign up for future ones, but also watch previous ones back at a time that is suitable for you.

Engagement Programs
These super visuals give you insights in what SAP is providing and when it will be provided. You need to see it for yourself to understand the real value of these Engagement Programs.

example of a sap commerce cloud engagement program
Figure 1: example of a SAP Commerce Cloud Engagement Program

Welcome Kits
SAP has some great content available with respect to extensive resources, tools, trainings, and support for their SAP CX Solution. These so called Welcome Kits give customers an outstanding introduction from the time they sign their contract forward.

example of the welcome kit for sap customer data solution
Figure 2: example of the Welcome Kit for SAP Customer Data Solution

Solution Newsletters
Every month SAP sends out newsletters to update customers on the latest roadmap, enablement, training and support topics. Do register to the one(s) you like!

Oh and while you are at it, make sure you register for the Acorel Newsletter as well (only available in Dutch). Just scroll down to the end of the Acorel home page for the registration form.example of the latest newsletter on sap emarsys customer engagement & sap marketing cloud

Figure 3: example of the latest newsletter on SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement & SAP Marketing CloudRoadmap Explorer
The great thing about SAP Cloud software is that SAP is constantly developing new features that are launched in a future release. The following links will guide you to the respective roadmaps for that SAP CX solution, so you can check if a certain feature is already on the to-develop-list of SAP and when it will be available in the solution 🙂

If you still want to know more and more and more, then blogs are the places to go to. Most of the time written by real specialists covering a particular subject in real detail. Of course our own Acorel Blog needs to be in this list, but also the one from the SAP Community may proof to be valuable.


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* If you have an SAP application running go to your IT department and ask them to request/create a SAP S-number for you ( If you are not an SAP customer I am not totally sure how you can manage to get one to be frank. Maybe just reach out to you nearest SAP dealer 😉

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