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Thomas de Jong, 23 november 2022

Find out what it’s like to start your career at Acorel. This blog is written by Thomas, a Commerce developer, who started off his career in tech at Acorel, trying to provide some extra information that I appreciated when starting my career at Acorel.

Who am I

My name is Thomas and I’m a 23-year-old, currently working about 13 months for Acorel. During my studies, International Business & Management Studies, I developed a great interest in the digital world and specifically in web shops. What goes into setting up an online store? How do you provide the right information at the right time? How does branding and design affect the customer decision?

These were some of the questions that constantly popped up in my mind while cruising the internet. During an internship I got involved into creating a web shop for the company I was working at. Here I realised that programming is a skill I could acquire without studying another 4 years. After doing a boot camp at Le Wagon and Experis I got the opportunity to work at Acorel as a Commerce Developer.

Why Acorel

During my boot camps I explored multiple businesses to start working for. Eventually Acorel crossed my path and immediately gave me a good feeling to decide to take the job. This choice was motivated by four key points:

Personal Development

During the job interview, a lot of time was spent on discussing what my goals were for the coming years. As a starter it is quite difficult to judge what job/role fits you best. During my interview, Acorel showed that they want to invest their time in helping me find out what I like best and after working for 13 months, I can confirm that this has been a great success.

Commerce developer & consultant

As an Acorel employee you essentially perform two roles, developer and consultant. Your day-to-day tasks consist of developing new features, solve bugs AND answer questions that arise from customer side. I like to perform programming work and next to that be in contact with the customer to advice, answer questions or suggest changes.

Small-to-medium enterprise

When selecting potential job vacancies, I was looking for a small-to-medium enterprise. The reason for this being the amount of responsibility that is put on the employee’s plate. At Acorel there is great flexibility based on the preferences you might have as a developer. What kind of project do you like to work on? And, together with your team you can coordinate what tasks to pick up. This results in more responsibility and involvement in the product delivered to the customer.

Knowledge & motivation

Something that is a bit more difficult to read when first applying for a company, but worth mentioning, is the amount of dedication present to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers. On regular basis I notice the great amount of knowledge that is present in Acorel and how employees are looking to improve their own skills and those of others.

Day in a life

Lastly, to sketch the most realistic view of what to expect when working at Acorel, I would like to dive in what an average day working at Acorel would look like.

Before starting my day, I like to look at my current assigned issues in Jira (Jira is the project/tracking software we use). Here I decide what issues have priority to pick up and add these to my to-do list.

At the start of the day a stand up is held to discuss the following topics:

During the day I will work on the tasks and keep contact with the rest of the team to tackle some problems together or discuss potential different solutions to tickets. During the day I keep track of progress and challenges/questions that can be mentioned in the stand-up the day after.

And also important to mention is that during the days I spend at the office I like to refresh my mind and go play some pool, table football or PlayStation.

If you are interested after reading the above, please visit for more information.

Thomas de Jong

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