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Release update 2302 SAP Cloud for Sales and Cloud for Service

Marco Meijs, 08 februari 2023

The month of February means that a new release for the SAP Sales and Service Cloud will be available. In this blog we want to share the highlights on the new features and improvements from Release 2302 with you.

Normally the release briefing from SAP is scheduled 1,5 weeks prior to the upgrade of the test systems. This gives us time to update you on what is to come before the fact. However this time the release briefing was planned in the week before the actual upgrade. So by the time you are reading this, the test tenants have already been upgraded.

As you can see in below picture the timing of the release is as follows:

release schedule

General improvements

Configure attachment Size for upload

As administrator you can now set the attachment file size limit. This is a company wide setting so it applies to all users.

Reset all column search filters

A new button will be made available that makes it possible to remove all filters that were set in a search screen. The option will be available by default.

reset all columns


Within the analytics functionality a few improvements have been added:


For archiving additional business objects have been added, namely:

New criteria have been added to define different retention periods per Sales Organization and Country/Region.

And last but not least the option is provided to remove the archiving flag for objects that have been flagged for archiving.


Link multiple opportunities to a sales quote

It will now be possible to link additional opportunities to a sales quote. Before this was a 1 to 1 relationship and in the 2302 Release this has been fixed by adding the “Add Successor” action. The action is by default hidden and needs to be added by the administrator.

link multiple opport

End-of-purpose for Business Partners

An automatic run can be created that sets the end-of-purpose status for Business Partners. This can be done based on a variety of parameters.
It is important that if you want to use this functionality to first run it in simulation mode. This will give you the chance to verify if the correct data would be updated or not. If you run it immediately the data is changed and you cannot revert back!

Dynamic visit planning Add-on – Embedded mode for guided selling

For guided selling the embedded mode has been added to the opportunity page. This will only have the key elements available:

Kanban view for opportunities

A nice new feature for the opportunity view is the option to display the result list as a Kanban board. Let’s hope this functionality will also be added to other objects in future releases.

kanban view


Create Follow-up S/4HANA Service order from Service Ticket

The biggest improvement is that you will be able to create a Service order in S/4HANA directly from a Service Ticket in SAP Service Cloud.

Agent desktop Add-on

Sales orders

For the agent desktop add-on some improvements have been introduced:

Transfer of Phone call

It will be possible to transfer a phone call to a colleague for further assistance. Notes will also be handed over from agent A to agent B.

transfer of phone calls

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