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Product information management, why you need it and how SAP Commerce PCM helps you.

Riepko Beukema, 08 September 2021

Today’s sales landscape has rapidly shifted to a digital-first approach. It is expanding into new channels and marketplaces faster than anyone ever anticipated. That means marketing, IT, and commerce teams need to deliver more detailed product information with greater agility.

A product information management system (PIM) will help you with multiple challenges you face. First and foremost a PIM system will help you with enhancing your data quality, which is key for any e-commerce business. When every product has populated attributes, it will be easier to select the right fit for your need. Below a highlight of three key features of SAP Commerce PCM that will help you get the best out of your data 


1. Bulk edit

Bulk edit

With bulk edit you can select the attributes you want to edit, change them all to the same value or clear all values and on top of that get notified if a validation is triggered. It means that you can safely and efficiently change data in bulk from the product content management (PCM) environment.

And if you do not have the same data you want to add to your products, you can also use the import/export functionality. Export your data in excel format, change it, and import it back into the PCM. As with the bulk edit functionality all validations are also checked when you import your data via excel.


2. Data quality insights

Accurate, extensive, detailed product information represents more than 90% of the content seen by users and Google’s bot. Content is not only crucial to drive site traffic, but it also improves site search and faceted navigation. But how do you know what set of products have incorrect or incomplete data? SAP Commerce PCM gives you the option to set up dashboards that will give you the insight that you need in data quality.

Data quality coverage

Select that attribute set you want to see to get an overview of the data quality. You can also drill down on the data, this can give you better insight in for example product quality of a specific product category.

Data quality coverage categories

By clicking the chart or the legend you can go to the products of your selected coverage set.

Data quality coverage click


3. Get data from the right people

Now that you can enhance your data and you can pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts on, we would like multiple parties to enhance this data. Marketing, Suppliers and Buyers all need to add data to your product to give your customer the best experience possible.

SAP Commerce PCM adds two things that help you get the right data from the right people. User roles and rights give you the possibility to allow only the responsible people to fill in their attributes. You want your marketing department writing product descriptions, and your supplier to fill in the product specific attributes, not the other way around. With SAP Commerce you can assign per user group what attributes they can read or write.

But when does your supplier need to fill in their data? A workflow will tell him what products are waiting for him to enhance. The workflow engine allows SAP Commerce to create the workflow that fits your process.


Data improvement is a continuous process and takes effort to get to the next level. With the tools PCM offers, you can efficiently enhance product data. And with all your product data stored in one location, you can get it to whatever system you want and tell the same story everywhere. Now that is the real power of PCM, the same customer experience on every touchpoint.

Riepko Beukema

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