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What’s new in Cloud for Sales and Service release 2305

Mark Peeters, 10 May 2023

Spring is in the air and it’s time to gear up for the new 2305 release of SAP Sales and Service Cloud.

In todays blog we will share with you some of the features and new and improved functionalities in the upcoming release. In the weekend of May 6th SAP has upgraded all test tenants to the 2305 release. The production environment will follow in the weekend of May 20th. We will follow the setup of SAP, with first the update on the platform, then Sales and finish with the updates to the Service Solution.

Platform And Integration

The updates of the platform are listed in the overview Slide of SAP. We see a strong focus on the archiving functionality, which becomes more needed as the solution grows over the years. Additional objects have been added like: Campaigns, Promotion, and Time objects of the service solution.

platform overview

A very nice new feature is the ability to schedule your Data Workbench Tasks. This option is available for both import and export tasks, and gives the user the option to schedule the loads to the system outside of office hours. This will help to minimise the performance impact that a load can have.

dwb schedule tasks

Sales Functionality

As we look at the Sales overview slide of SAP, we see that a lot of small enhancements have been made that were requested by customers via the customer influence program of SAP.

sales overview

One that stands out for me is the option to associate an existing account during the conversion of a Lead. Now you just select any existing customer to link the Lead to, even if the account is not part of the duplicate list. This will for sure help in keeping the system clean of unwanted duplicate records.

lead conversion

As all the C4C add-ons are actually part of the Sales and Service V2 solution we see a continued strong focus on delivering new functionality. For Sales the two add-ons are Dynamic Visit Planning and Intelligent Sales. For the Dynamic Visit Planning I was most impressed by the addition of reassigning to all generated schedules. Now the user can see why Customers are assigned to a list, and why not. This helps in adjusting master data, and understanding the automation.

visit planning overview

Within Intelligent Sales we no longer have the sales assistant available, but we work with playbooks.  A playbook is a customizable set of activities and action proposals tailored to each sales phase or sales cycle. With flexible routing rules, a playbook can be dynamically assigned to the right opportunity based on various account and opportunity attributes. With the coming release we can now monitor the effectiveness of the playbook, and based on that finetune the options we present to the sales reps.

intelligent sales overview

Service Functionality

Within the service solution we also see a number of small enhancements that were requested by the customer, as the addition of ticket fields in Account TI. A feature that stands out for me is the check on email address validity. A known issue in the past, which let to mails not being send to the customer, can now be prevented by checking the correctness of the email address up front.

service overview

Also the service add-on, Agent Desktop received some updates to make the agent’s life easier in handling inbound calls. We see options to customize the standard views and enhancements within the search capabilities of the solution.

agent desktop overview

If you have any questions on the new release of Cloud for Sales or Cloud for Service please feel free to contact us via

Stay healthy and enjoy the Spring!

Mark Peeters

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