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Really get to know your customer and use the power of actual insights to recognise sales opportunities immediately.

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Technology changes customer behaviour and your opportunities to increase efficiency. Would you like to transform insights into your customers’ needs into sustainable profits and excellent customer experience?

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We believe in successful projects and even more in successful customers. The implementation of SAP software must take place within the lead time, scope and budget. But does this also mean that your organisation will automatically be more successful?

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More harmony in the European sales team with SAP Sales Cloud

From home audio systems, speakers and headphones to professional sound systems, audio enthusiasts worldwide rely on Bose for innovative, high-quality audio equipment. To better serve resellers in Europe, Bose needed a powerful, comprehensive solution that made it easy for sales reps to collaborate.

SAP Sales Cloud and Acorel

Bose chose the SAP Sales Cloud solution and collaborated with CX partner Acorel. The powerful standard solution was implemented quickly and efficiently. The reorganized sales department in Europe now works together as a close-knit unit. SAP Sales Cloud gave management a better view on sales activities. In addition, Bose is gaining more insight into the individual customer every day, allowing the company to improve their planning and get more out of its sales efforts.


Bose and Acorel have achieved a number of great goals by implementing SAP Sales Cloud:

  • Sales associates are now able to work closely together as a unit with one strong solution,
  • Better insight into the wishes of the customer,
  • Sales visits are carried out more efficiently.

Why SAP Sales Cloud?

Bose chose SAP’s CRM solution: Sales Cloud for a number of reasons.

  • The SAP Sales Cloud solution meets the needs of Bose Corporation’s sales team,
  • Standard, ready-to-use retail and customer relationship management solution that can be quickly deployed in multiple countries,
  • Solid basis of SAP software already being used by the customer,
  • Complete integration of SAP Sales Cloud with existing SAP CRM software possible,
  • Excellent, user-friendly interface.

What are the advantages for Bose?

  • Extremely fast, easy implementation with the help of Acorel as a partner for Customer Experience,
  • Insight into the entire sales process,
  • Effective planning of customer visits thanks to the right insights,
  • Efficient collection of information because the entire sales department uses the same solution,
  • A complete solution instead of spreadsheets and paper memos,
  • Improved management insight into the organization’s sales activities,
  • Global collaboration with all data in one place.

“SAP Sales Cloud helps us sell more efficiently. Our European sales department has a better understanding of customer needs and their own efforts. They plan visits more effectively, get more out of the conversations and can share their results. As a result, they operate as a close-knit team.”