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Training in CRM implementations

Thijs van Sleeuwen

You’re almost there! You’ve followed each step in implementation of the new system, continuously aligning with the project team and user team. Clean master data is loaded into the system, reports, KPI’s and dashboards have been designed and everything is thoroughly tested. The only thing left to do before Go-Live is training the users.

Guess what?! This final step is critical in making your implementation a success; If the end-users aren’t looking forward full of confidence to apply the new way of working and use the supporting system and all its functions, they will never unlock its full potential. Thorough training will enable you to take this final hurdle!

, Training in CRM implementations, Acorel

Each implementation of new business processes in a supporting IT system brings about change, whether it concerns added functionality or an entirely new system. This change is usually accompanied by a transformation in the way of working for your employees; In a new or updated system things tend to work different as opposed to the “good old” system everyone is familiar with. In order to make a good start, it’s important to provide your employees the opportunity to fully understand the functionalities provided by the system and the consequent new way of working. A new CRM system needs to facilitate your business processes and thorough training will enable your employees to focus on those instead of figuring out “how it works in the system”. A solid training thus provides the ideal starting point for a successful implementation.

Therefore it is very important to invest in training; Explain what the new CRM system will bring your employees, show them how it works, let them play with it, let them exercise and take every question in the process very serious.

, Training in CRM implementations, Acorel

‘Practice makes perfect’
People adopt new software just as any other new skill: by practice. Give your employees time to discover the system’s functionalities and focus on the benefits over the old system instead of just make them follow a mandatory functional course. A new CRM system is so much more than a glorified rolodex where you store customer data. Investing in a thorough training will increase user adoption from the start which in time will result in a much more powerful CRM system. This underlines the importance of experienced consultants who understand the business goals and processes to set-up and perform the training and are capable of delivering solid reference material.

Good training provides a solid basis for a new CRM system and Acorel can help you with that. Benefits of our training offer are, amongst other things:

• Increased user adoption due to a step-by-step approach and use of ‘day-in-the-life’ scenario’s;
• Knowledge preservation by practice, repetition and detailed reference material;
• Training made to fit the audience: Key-Users, End-Users and / or Support teams;
• Success criteria such as user-exams and evaluation days;
• Personal approach by seasoned experts in the field.

When you are working on an SAP Sales, Service and / or Marketing implementation, we at Acorel would gladly look at your specific training-needs so we can propose a tailored training. We offer seasoned, highly skilled SAP CRM experts who are familiar with the newest SAP Hybris solutions, which enables us to hit the ground running in any SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce environment. 

Thijs van Sleeuwen