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Wholesale Commerce Accelerator

A best practices implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud by Acorel in 16 weeks, specifically for wholesale.
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Increase your sales and customer experience with a personalised shopping experience. Ensure accurate product information for more and longer customer visits to your digital sales channels.

For whom?

This package is a match for commercial wholesalers in the non-food sector, trading in building materials, machines and equipment, electronics, consumer goods and metals.


The Commerce Wholesale Accelerator is an SAP Qualified Partner Package from Acorel. SAP Commerce Cloud implementation based on best practices from Acorel, specifically for wholesalers.

An SAP Commerce Cloud implementation in weeks

Wholesalers have complex product information needs in order to offer the right assortment to their customers through all sales channels. Wholesalers used to do physical business, but now e-commerce and customer portals are increasingly important. The crux is to offer a personalized customer experience on every channel.

With our Commerce Wholesale Accelerator we offer a solution for wholesalers. This gives you everything you need to maximize the return on your digital sales channels. With SAP Commerce Cloud you can see results within 16 weeks!

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Your organization can get started with SAP Commerce Cloud within 16 weeks.

In this leaflet you will find more information about our Commerce Wholesale Accelerator, an SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution from Acorel. You can read which unique benefits you can achieve with this package and what the added value is of SAP Commerce Cloud and Acorel. Finally, you will find the investment, lead time and scope of the project here.

Why Acorel?

At Acorel, we put improved customer experience within reach. Experience that aligns closely with the needs of both your organisation and your customers.

We are experts in the area of SAP Customer Experience. We provide the software and take care of its implementation. We also support you in the translation of your strategy into operations. And we encourage optimal use of the implemented software.

We do all of this with a team of dedicated professionals. Professionals with differing sets of expertise and knowledge of the challenges in your sector. Professionals who inspire you to look further than just the beaten path. In order to deliver exactly what you need to achieve the desired result. Or even to exceed this.

What motivates us? Making organisations demonstrably more successful. Every single day.